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Ports & Ships Maritime News

29 April 2014
Author: Terry Hutson

Bringing you shipping, freight, trade and transport related news of interest for Africa since 2002


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33 aad noorland 4 (2) 470

BOABARGE 33, a towing vessel registered in Trondheim, Norway, arrived in Cape Town last week behind the tug PACIFIC DOLPHIN, loaded with a number of other barges and equipment. The barge has a deadweight of 22,000 tons and was built in 2011. See Pics of the Day below. Picture: Aad Noorland

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Ports Regulator 

South Africa Logo

The office of the Ports Regulator of South Africa has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer, Mr Mahesh Fakir, who takes the place of the previous CEO, Riad Khan.

Khan’s five year contract has expired and for a short period Ms Marissa Damons has been acting CEO.

Fakir is a professional civil engineer with extensive experience in the design and delivery of infrastructure projects in public sector institutions. He has served in government at senior management level for the past 12 years. He was also with the National Treasury for eight years and during this period he helped establish and entrench infrastructure budgeting at country level, serving in the Budget Office as a director, as well as in the Public Finance Division as a chief director.

In the last four years, Fakir, who holds three Masters degrees; an MSc in Civil Engineering (Durban – Westville), an MBA (Durban - Westville), and an MSc in Development Finance (London), in addition to other qualifications, has served in the Presidency: Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation at DDG level as outcome facilitator for Economic Infrastructure.

Key amongst his duties was the monitoring of the performance of economic infrastructure departments and state owned enterprises against targets in ministerial delivery agreements, and ensuring that infrastructure outcomes were achieved.

Fakir was part of the technical team that formulated the Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) that form part of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC) National Infrastructure Plan, and contributed to the National Development Plan.

Among other publications, he contributed over a number of years to the National Treasury Budget Reviews and the Estimates of National Expenditure, as well as the Presidency’s 20 Year Review and MTSF, and commissioned and edited the DBSA/DPME State of Economic Infrastructure Report.

His appointment takes effect as from May 1, 2014 and is for a period of five years.

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Hamburg Süd’s 7,100-TEU Santa Clara

Germany’s container line Hamburg Süd is combining with MSC on that line’s Ipanema service as from 1 May on the Asia-South Africa-East Coast South America trade.

Hamburg Süd is contributing two of its 7,100-TEU ships, each fitted with 1,600 reefer plugs making them among the highest capacity reefer equipped ships in service.Ipanema service has been tweaked with port calls as follows:

Shanghai, Ningbo, Chiwan, Singapore, Durban, Santos, Buenos Aires, Paranagua, Navegantes, Santos, Ngqura, Durban, Colombo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

The link-up between MSC and Hamburg Süd is possibly a result of the fierce competition being experienced between Asia and the East Coast South America, where lines have cascaded larger container ships into the trade lane. News continues below...


Tromso aground 

near Ramena 470
Tromso aground off the northern tip of Madagascar

Madagascan authorities have spent the weekend overseeing the pumping of 10,000 tons of crude oil from the grounded tanker TROMSO (12,934-dwy, built 2008) which went aground on the northern coast of the Indian Ocean island.

The 120m long tanker, which is managed by World Tankers Management of Singapore, was headed for Antsiranana (Diego Garcia) when she ran aground about 15 n.miles away. Her previous port of call was in the UAE.

Cracks in the hull are threatening to leak oil and a Seychellois vessel, SEYCHELLES PARADISE with a capacity of only 1,400 tons arrived on scene at the end of last week to siphon off as much oil as possible in an attempt to lighten the tanker sufficiently for her to be towed off the reef.

A Madagascan tug (name not available) will then tow the damaged tanker into Antsiranana harbour where the remainder of the oil can be taken off and repairs to the ship undertaken.

The Tromso is double hulled and it is believed that only the outer hull has been damaged.

The Tromso’s owners are reported to have flown in specialists to examine the grounded ship and to map the seabed in preparation of the refloating attempt. The contract for the attempt is in the hands of Singapore-based Swire Salvage.

A spokesman for the Madagascan environmental ministry said that any attempt to remove the ship would be taken with caution in order to avoid pollution. A spokesman for the Madagascan maritime authority said human error was to blame for the ship going aground.

Tromso went aground about 1.2km off the holiday town of Ramena

News continues below…



northern star by shipspotting 470
The bulker Navios Northern Star which rescued 20 fishermen from the long-line Starfish that sank deepsea at the weekend. Picture: Shipspotting

Twenty fishermen from the Cape Town-registered long liner STARFISH have arrived safely in Port Elizabeth after their fishing vessel sank beneath them more than 60 n.miles from the Southern Cape coast.

Earlier, the crew of the Starfish issued a Mayday call for help when it became clear that their vessel was sinking. The Starfish had begun taking in water after experiencing very rough seas while sailing deep sea off the Southern Cape coast, roughly opposite Plettenberg Bay.

Skipper and owner, Horatio Gomes, from Edgemead, Cape Town, said that they first noticed at around 09h00 on Saturday (26 April) that they were taking water from unknown causes.

The fishing vessel, which NSRI thinks is not insured, was on her 13th day of a fishing voyage and was fully laden with fish. They were preparing to set sail for Cape Town following what was described by the fishermen as a successful fishing trip.

The skipper suspects that they sprung a plank on the wooden hull as no one on board is aware of the ship striking any submerged object.

On noticing that they were taking on water at around 9am on Saturday, pumps were set but the ingress of water proved to be faster than what they could pump. The vessel was then 120 n.miles off the South African coast and the skipper headed the stricken vessel closer inshore in order to be near the main shipping lanes.

However, once water had flooded the bait boxes and the pumps and the motors became clogged, the crew realised there was no hope left for the ship and a Mayday signal was sent.

The crew, who hail from Cape Town, Kenya, Namibia and Angola, meanwhile donned their life jackets and prepared to abandon ship into a life raft.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), the Mayday distress call was intercepted by Telkom Maritime Radio Services and MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) initiated a rescue operation.

NSRI Mossel Bay was alerted and NSRI Knysna prepared to respond with sea rescue craft while an all ships alert was being broadcast by Telkom Maritime Radio Services. It was then learnt that the Belgian-owned bulker NAVIOS NORTHERN STAR (75,395-dwt, built 2005) was diverting from her voyage between Latvia and Singapore in response to the distress call.

The ill-fated Starfish was still 65 n.miles from the Plettenberg coast when she finally sank beneath the waves, with all crew safely on the life raft.

The Navios Northern Star arrived on scene shortly after and was able to successfully take on board all 20 crew from the Starfish, with no injuries reported. The Belgian ship advised that it was altering course for Port Elizabeth where her ETA was given as 02h00 Sunday morning. NSRI in Port Elizabeth responded by launching their vessel to meet the bulker offshore of PE and transfer the crew across to their rescue boat.

This was duly accomplished and the distressed crew were safely taken ashore. The rendezvous had been about 5 n.miles off Port Elizabeth, the crew transferring across one at a time down the pilot ladder after expressing their thanks to the crew of the Navios Northern Star.

It is reported that the 23m Starfish has completely sunk in deep water.

Sailor dies on board ship outside Richards Bay

A 45-year old Filipino crewman from the Greek-owned coal carrier PANAMAX NEREID, at anchor outside the Port of Richards Bay, has died of a suspected heart attack.

The ship’s last port of call was in Madagascar and the ship was waiting to load coal at Richards Bay when the man began suffering chest pains.

Following a request by Transnet National Ports Authority, Port of Richards Bay, the NSRI volunteer sea rescue unit launched their boat accompanied by Netcare 911 paramedics. They proceeded to the outer anchorage.

“On arrival on-scene a NSRI rescuer was put aboard the ship and the patient, appearing to be in a stable condition, was secured into a Stokes basket stretcher and lowered over the side of the ship onto our sea rescue craft. The Netcare 911 paramedics continued medical treatment en route to our sea rescue station where the man, continuing to appear to be in a stable condition, was loaded into a Netcare 911 ambulance but sadly, en route to hospital, the man passed away,” reported Cornel du Toit, NSRI Richards Bay station commander.

He said the cause of death was not determined and authorities were investigating.

News continues below…


Marlin Mduduze 470
Damage to the ski boat Mduduze. Picture: NSRI Durban

In a bizarre case of a fish turning the tables on those hunting him, two Durban fishermen received severe life-threatening injuries when a 140kg (estimated) marlin, being fished by one of the four men on board the ski boat MDUDUZE off Durban, impaled two of the crew as it leaped over the boat.

The four, all from the Durban area, were taking part in a fishing competition and had launched earlier from the Durban ski boat base near the harbour.

Initially it was thought that the giant fish had jumped into and over the boat, injuring the two men with its fin as it passed. The impact also caused considerable damage to the boat, with all of Mduduze’s radio and communication systems being destroyed during the marlin’s fleeting time on board.

It all happened in a flash and within seconds the fish disappeared over the back of the boat and made its escape.

However, after the men had been rushed to a Durban hospital by volunteer crew from the NSRI Durban station, who were responding to calls for help from other boats in the vicinity, doctors findings indicated that the marlin had impaled both men.

According to the skipper of Mduduze, Marc Gieseler, his 35 year old crewman was steering the boat at the time while Gieseler attempted to reel in an approximately 140kg marlin on his rod and line. On reeling the marlin towards the boat the marlin launched itself out of the water in front of the boat, crashing over the front and then through the windscreen.

It was thought originally that the fish’s fin clipped the 35 year old man on the left side, chest and back torso, causing him to fall over backwards onto the second crewman (33) who was then pushed backwards and on falling over landed with his back on a fishing rod holder. Instead it now seems the marlin had impaled both men causing the stab wounds and internal injuries.


Mistral 470
FS Mistral

Two modern French warships have made a courtesy visit to the South Atlantic island of St Helena.

St Helena is the island where the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was held in exile and where he died and was entombed. His remains were later taken to France to be re-entombed at Les Invalides near the Seine in Paris.

The dock landing ship FS MISTRAL and the stealth frigate FS LA FAYETTE arrived off the island on 15 April. Crew were able to go ashore and visit the island’s attractions, including the memorial to the late emperor.

Both ships are on a deployment codenamed Jeanne d’Arc that commenced in March and will continue until July. The ships have on board 155 officers from various professional backgrounds and 18 different nationalities who are completing their military, human and naval training with the two ships.

Members of the public and schoolchildren were able to go on board and visit the FS Mistral.

A military ceremony took place at The Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, with Governor Mark Capes, Michel Dancoisne-Martineau, Consul-honoraire de France, and senior officers and crew members of both warships participating.


East London 470
East London harbour

Ports & Ships publishes regularly updated SHIP MOVEMENT reports including ETAs for ports extending from West Africa to South Africa to East Africa and including Port Louis in Mauritius.

In the case of South Africa’s container ports of Durban, Ngqura, Ports Elizabeth and Cape Town links to Stack dates are also available.

You can access this information, including the list of ports covered, by going HERE - remember to use your BACKSPACE to return to this page.


PACIFIC DOLPHIN BOABARGE 33 aad noorland 5 (2)
PACIFIC DOLPHIN aad noorland 10 (2) 470

DOLPHIN aad noorland 8 (2) 470

Swire Pacific’s impressive offshore supply tug PACIFIC DOLPHIN (6,641-gt, built 2013) arrived in Table Bay and later in Cape Town harbour hauling the towing vessel Boabarge 33 (see First View above. The port call was purely for bunkers and ship supplies and must have been a relief after the long voyage across the wide expanse of the Indian Ocean. Pacific Dolphin flies the Singapore flag. Pictures: Aad Noorland

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