Svitzer Salvage appointed to recover overboard logs

Aug 13, 2008
Author: P&S

The cargo vessel LOLA in Cape Town harbour after losing between 200 and 300 logs in Table Bay. Picture Ian Shiffman

Cape Town-based Svitzer Salvage Africa has been appointed by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) to search for and recover logs lost overboard from the cargo vessel LOLA.

An estimated 200 - 300 logs went overboard on the night of 9 August while the ship lay at anchor in Table Bay in the vicinity of Robben Island. A number of the logs have since been spotted from the air and by ships between Slangkop and Hout Bay in the South, and to Dassen Island & Ysterfontein in the North.

According to Capt Nick Sloane, managing director of Svitzer Salvage Africa, logs have begun coming ashore near Grotto Bay, Dassen Island, Robben Island, Sea Point and along the Cape Peninsular as far as Hout Bay.

He told PORTS & SHIPS that Svitzer was deploying ski-boats and zodiac type semi-rigid inflatable, crewed by recovery teams including divers.

“These boats shall be directed to the immediate location of the logs by aerial observations carried out by either helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, and from reportings made by shipping and the public. Logs already landed on the shore will be recovered by shore-teams and
forestry equipment.”

Sloane added that the public, small craft users and local fisherman are urged to be aware of the risks that these logs pose to fishing boats, bathers and recreational surfers. “They should not be approached in the surf zone, and life guards are urged to maintain a lookout and warn bathers of their presence,” he said.

The logs are of Okoume species, of West African origin, and weigh between 8 & 20 tonnes, with a length between 6 – 10m in length.



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