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Aug 17, 2007
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  • Winds and swells close Richards Bay port

  • Coega Development Corp wins court case

  • Sea rescue news

  • Adjustments to SAECS schedules

  • Pic of the day – ORIENT STRIDE

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    Winds and swells close Richards Bay port

    Transnet Port Operations has taken possession of a new bridge hopper at its Richards Bay Dry Bulk Terminal, according to a report in the Zululand Observer.

    The massive piece of equipment, 27 metres long with a height of 13m boasts a discharge rate of 1700 tonnes an hour and can handle phosphate rock, sulphur and coking coal using three separate discharge positions.

    The hopper was built locally by mechanical engineering company H&B International.

    In other Richards Bay news strong gusting winds brought marine operations to a halt this week with the port closing to incoming vessels at 6pm on Tuesday night (14 August) and to all ship movements on the following morning from shortly before 8.30am.

    Gale force winds of up to 55 knots were recorded while outside the port entrance swells reaching 5 metres were recorded.

    Coega Development Corp wins court case

    In the High Court yesterday an application against the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) over an alleged contempt of court by the CDC chief executive and his board of directors was dismissed.

    The action, which was brought by Sakhisizwe Construction, sought to have Pepi Slinga, CDC chief executive, and members of the CDC board of directors jailed in contempt of court for allegedly failing to comply with a court order.

    The charges brought by the construction company and its joint venture partners were in relation to a R91 million infrastructure development tender at the Coega industrial development zone adjacent to the new port of Ngqura.

    The original award to Sakhisizwe JV was challenged by another construction company, Scribante Construction, which led to the court sending the matter back for re-adjudication. Following the re-adjudication the CDC decided not to award the tender to any of the three original short-listed companies.

    Sakhisizwe JV then took the CDC to court on charges of contempt of court, asking that the court to jail the CDC’s CEO and board members as a form of appropriate relief. And despite what might have been expected, the JV did not in any way request that the court enforce the CDC to re-award them the tender.

    “The CDC has been vindicated, and despite all the negative speculation and opinion passed about the case, we are happy with the outcome, more convinced in following the transformation agenda that the South African public has charged us with,” said CDC communications manager, Vuyelwa Qinga Vika.

    Sea Rescue news

    The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), an entirely voluntary organisation that maintains and performs sea rescue functions around the long South African coastline, relying solely on public donations and industry support, will shortly acquire a new 13m Rodman SAR1300 rescue craft from Spain.

    “We would, of course, have preferred to buy a local product and support the
    South African boating industry,” said NSRI chief executive, Ian Wienburg.

    “We investigated various local hulls and although a few met our general requirements, no other manufacturers were prepared to adapt their design to our specs nor undertake the R&D on risk.”

    Wienburg said the new boat had been sponsored in full by a South African company and was being manufactured in the Rodman patrol boat factory in Viga, Spain at a greatly reduced price. In addition Rodman had absorbed the costs of the NSRI technical team which travelled to Spain for the necessary inspections.

    He said the new boat, which is to be based at the V&A Waterfront NSRI Table Bay Rescue Station, will arrive in Cape Town during November.

    The NSRI maintains 29 coastal and three inland rescue stations and operates a fleet of 72 rescue boats and 21 rescue motor vehicles at a cost of around R15 million a year. According to Wienburg having voluntary personnel saves the NSRI an estimated R130 million a year in salaries.

    In an incident on Wednesday night about 10 miles off East London, with strong winds blowing and among heavy swells, a sick trawlerman was taken off the fishing trawler SOUTHERN VICTOR by the NSRI’s rescue craft ACSA RESCUER 1.

    Rescue personnel and a paramedic answered the call for help and put to sea at short notice to rendezvous with the fishing vessel, where the transfer was affected. The ill man, suffering with severe abdominal pains, was later taken to hospital in East London where he is now in a stable condition.

    Adjustments to SAECS schedules

    Strong winds have not only affected marine operations at Richards Bay (see report above). Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) has announced that the MOL CULLINAN on voyage 706B Northbound has been severely delayed due to berthing congestion and being windbound at the port of Durban, which has resulted in the vessel being eight days behind schedule.

    “As a result of the delays mentioned above, the MOL Cullinan 706B will be bunching in Cape Town with the DAL Kalahari 706B. In an effort to bring the schedule of the MOL Cullinan 706B to some normality, it has been decided to minimise the port stay in Cape Town.

    “As a consequence, the MOL Cullinan 706B’s port stay in Cape Town will concentrate mainly on the discharge of the Europe Southbound cargo. Therefore, please arrange to transfer your export cargo currently booked on the MOL Cullinan 706B to the DAL Kalahari 706B.”

    MOL CULLINAN 706B revised schedule:


    Durban 14/08/07 16/08/07
    Cape Town 18/08/07 19/08/07
    Las Palmas Omit Omit
    Rotterdam 30/08/07 31/08/07
    Tilbury 31/08/07 01/09/07
    Bremerhaven 02/09/07



    Port Elizabeth 16/08/07 17/08/07
    Durban Omit Omit
    Cape Town 19/08/07 22/08/07
    Las Palmas 29/08/07 30/08/07
    Rotterdam 02/09/07 03/09/07
    Tilbury 04/09/07 05/09/07
    Bremerhaven 06/09/07

    It is also announced that due to delays, SAFMARINE NOMAZWE 706B sailed South Africa nine days later than scheduled. In order to recover the time lost, the Port of Cape Town has been omitted for both the Southbound and Northbound calls.

    Cargo destined for Cape Town (Import) will be loaded onto the MAERSK VIGO 703A.

    Cargo destined for Europe (Export) can be shipped on any of the following vessels:

    SAF Nokwanda 707B
    ETA CPT:08/09 ETD CPT: 10/09

    MOL Cullinan 707B
    ETA CPT: 22/09 ETD CPT: 24/09

    DAL East London 706B
    ETA CPT: 12/09 ETD CPT: 13/09

    Maersk Vigo 703B
    ETA CPT: 19/09 ETD CPT: 20/09

    The updated schedule is now:


    Date Voy Name Voy Date

    070802 706A Port Elizabeth 706B 070803
    070808 706A Durban 706B 070811
    070813 706A Cape Town 706B 070815

    070823 706B Las Palmas 706B 070823
    070827 706B Rotterdam 707A 070828
    070829 706B Tilbury 707A 070830
    070831 706B Bremerhaven 707A 070901
    070904 707A Las Palmas 707A 070905

    OMIT 707A Cape Town 707A OMIT
    070914 707A Port Elizabeth 707B 070915
    070916 707A Durban 707B 070918
    OMIT 707A Cape Town 707B OMIT
    070928 707B Las Palmas 707B 070928

    Pic of the day – ORIENT STRIDE

    Click on image to enlarge – with some browsers click twice

    The container ship ORIENT STRIDE (16,100-gt), owned by Indian interests and flying the flag of Sri Lanka, seen in Durban at the new Point cross berth. Picture Terry Hutson

    For the record

    Thank you to those readers who responded to our uncertainty about the yacht ENTERPRISE which is currently berthed at Durban’s passenger terminal along with Paul Alan’s OCTOPUS. It turns out we were somewhat generous in our description of the Enterprise – while she is certainly a ‘fancy’ yacht she is nowhere near the class of her current neighbour Octopus, which completely dwarfs the smaller dark hulled vessel also berthed at N-Shed.
    Next time we’ll reserve our judgment until we’ve actually seen the vessel in question instead of relying on other eyewitness reports.

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