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Aug 14, 2007
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  • SA ideal destination for trade, investment

  • Luxury yachts gather in port

  • News from Mozambique

  • Coastwatch: African coastal news

  • Shipping briefs

  • Pic of the day – AFRICAN PROTEA

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    SA ideal destination for trade, investment

    Durban 13 August 2007 (BuaNews) - The Department of Trade and Industry, along with Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) is to host a conference showcasing the advantages of doing business in South Africa.

    The South African International Trade and Investment Conference and Exhibition will be held at the International Convention Centre, Durban, from 29 to 31 October.

    The theme for this year's conference is, "Develop, Facilitate, Grow." This embodies and includes the work of South African investment promotion agencies, which develop and facilitate investment growth in the economy.

    According to the department, the event is an essential marketing tool to grow the country's economy and facilitate the empowerment of small business.

    The conference aims to market South Africa as a business destination and to increase competitiveness and innovation in key sectors of the economy.

    The programme for the 29 and 30 October will consist of plenary sessions in the morning, followed by specific sector breakaway sections.

    The breakaway sessions will include speakers from government, private sector and academic case studies.

    Extensive business to business (B2B) meetings for interested international buyers and investors and local buyers and investors are to be a key feature of the conference.

    "The B2B meetings will be arranged on a first come first basis and therefore will be limited to the availability of seats.

    "Those delegates interested in B2B match making service must register on or before 1 September," the department said.

    Content for business presentations will be based on practical business opportunities, funding, trade agreements and incentive schemes.

    Packaged projects from municipalities around South Africa will be presented. The focus will be on ensuring investors will be able to access the projects.

    The third day (31 October 2007) will entail presentations by each of South Africa's provinces aimed at providing highlights and advantages of investing in and trading with their province.

    The presentations will run parallel to each other and will be held in individual rooms.

    "All delegates are encouraged to attend a presentation of their choice in order to obtain more information about the province they are interested to invest in," said the department.

    Presentations will not only cover opportunities, but will also look at other areas of interest to investors such as lifestyle issues, facilities, infrastructure and other investor support services offered.

    Social and networking events will include a Gala Dinner on the first evening and a cultural music concert on the event's last evening.

    Luxury yachts gather in port

    The yacht OCTOPUS comes alongside the N-shed passenger terminal on a previous visit in June 2006. Picture Terry Hutson

    Two of the world’s top luxury yachts are in Durban at present – Paul Allen’s OCTOPUS and the somewhat less fancy ENTERPRISE.

    Octopus entered port at the weekend whereas Enterprise has been in Durban for a couple of weeks, having first berthed at M shed extension and now moved to the passenger terminal at N shed along with Octopus.

    Co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen’s 126m yacht Octopus has been described as the second most luxurious afloat – not sure how anybody measures these things except by length but according to the website
    www.bornrich.org only Larry Ellison’s RISING SUN ranks above it.

    Octopus cost the former computer geek a cool $200 million plus to build and comes with its own on-board submarine and support facilities for three helicopters. For that sort of money one can probably have a classy cruise liner built with some change to spare (or maybe a couple of large container ships). The above-mentioned website maintains the yacht costs a mere $20 million a year to drive her around.

    Octopus has called previously having made a lengthy visit in 2006 when the above photograph was taken.

    Ports & Ships hasn’t much information about the second yacht ENTERPRISE and would welcome any input from readers.

    News from Mozambique

    Mozambique Oil Refinery approved - Approval has been granted for the construction of an oil refinery in Mozambique’s northern province of Nampula, so Radio Mozambique announced at the weekend.
    Without revealing precisely where the refinery would be built, the announcement by the state radio service said the facility would have a capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil a day which would be available for export to the neighbouring countries of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    An amount of US $ 1.3 Billion is to be invested in the project. The port most likely to benefit from the project is Nacala, a natural deep water port situated in a deep water natural bay and served by railway to Malawi.

    Port Maputo gets green light - The Mozambique government has approved a US $ 80 million investment in port terminals at Maputo by South African logistics and shipping group Grindrod.
    Mozambique’s Minister of Transport & Communications announced the authorisation last week, saying that Grindrod, with a 95 percent stake in the Matola Coal Terminal and a 12 percent shareholding in the Maputo Docks Development Company (MPDC) (the company that operates the concession to run the port of Maputo) intends to expand the harbour facilities and take advantage of congestion in South African ports.

    Record cotton crop - The northern Mozambique province of Cabo Delgado has just produced a record crop of cotton of 43,000 tonnes, up from 23,000t produced last year. According to the provincial governor this is the first time that Cabo Delgado Province has outstripped the other regions in cotton production and comes after input from the Plexus-Mocambique company which invested heavily in seed and other assistance to peasant farmers in the province. Much of the cotton crop will be exported to the UK.

    Cashew production rises - In another positive agricultural result, despite Mozambique having been struck by cyclones in the past 12 months, the National Cashew Institute says it expects the cashew nut production to increase by 5,000 tonnes this year to reach 80,000 tonnes.
    The increase is thanks largely to an increase in the number of trees and an effective disease control management process, in which over 3.5 million cashew nut trees were sprayed for fungal disease this year. The spraying programme began in May and has been concentrated heavily in the provinces of Zambezia, Sofala, Nampula and Cabo Delgado due to the strategic importance of the cashew crop in those provinces.

    Titanium ore smelter may be built at Matola - A smelter near the port of Matola for smelting titanium mined at Chibuto in southern Mozambique is under consideration as an alternative to creating a new port at Chonguene in an area highly sensitive to the ecology.
    The Chibuto project is headed up by BHP Billiton which has a 90 percent shareholding in the project and aims at mining the rich titanium-bearing heavy sands at Chibuto. The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa holds the other 10 percent of shares.
    The latest proposal envisages a smelter being developed at Beluluane near the Mozal aluminium smelter which is close to the ore port at Matola, a part of Maputo harbour. The proposed site has the advantage of available electricity as well as close proximity to the port and could save the developers as much as $500 million from the original estimate of $1 Billion.

    sources – P&S Mozambique correspondent, Mozambique Legal & Business Newsletter, MCLI, Macauhub and AIM

    Coastwatch: African coastal news

    Niger Delta, 13 August - After a brief lull in which Nigerian Delta militants announced they had temporarily suspended operations against oil majors and government forces in the Niger Delta, a new kidnapping has taken place at the weekend, according to local media reports. As gunfire sounded around Port Harcourt for the fifth day in succession, militants kidnapped a British oil worker on Friday as he drove to work. Sporadic fighting involving gunfire has raged throughout the city for the best part of week as rival gangs continued their running battles with police and with other gangs.
    Some 200 people related to the oil industry have been kidnapped in Nigeria this year alone, most of whom for purposes of ransom – a thriving business existing under the guise of the struggle for better rights and conditions.
    A second report says that an American was also snatched on Friday but this has not been independently confirmed.

    Lake Victoria drama - Thirteen people were rescued from their boat caught up in weeds along a stretch of Lake Victoria’s long coastline. It required a Kenyan air force helicopter to carry out the rescue some five kilometers from the Homa Bay shoreline, reports local media. The thirteen people on the boat had been stranded among the water hyacinth that is clogging large regions of the lake after strong winds drove their boat into a carpet of hyacinth. Matters worsened when the boat ran out of fuel leaving the occupants unable to extricate themselves. They were later forced to drink polluted water and eat raw fish taken from the lake in order to survive the three days before their plight was noticed and rescuers in the form of the Kenyan army arrived. A large crowd of townspeople at Homa Bay turned out along the shoreline to welcome them to safety. Those rescued were taken to the Homa Bay District Hospital for treatment.

    Shipping briefs

    Gibraltar collision - A Panamanian-registered bulker NEW FLAME (26,824-gt) is lying semi-submerged off Europa Point near Gibraltar after colliding with the Danish-flag tanker TORM GERTRUD (45,990-DWT) on Sunday morning.

    The handysize bulker was en route to Turkey with a cargo of scrap while the tanker was inbound for Algeciras. The tanker although damaged was able to limp into port whereas the bulker has two holds flooded and the ship is sitting with her bows on a reef. All 23 crew on the New Flame were taken off the ship and no pollution has been reported so far. – source MGN

    In a second collision reported yesterday (Monday), a ferry type vessel Lt SALIH REIS 4 was in collision with a Ukranian-flag general cargo ship SEMYON RUDNEV (2466-gt) at anchorage in the Sea of Marmara, reports GAC News.

    Several passengers on the ferry, described as a sea bus, were reported to have been injured although not seriously and the craft returned to it’s dock in Istanbul in safety. Traffic in the Strait was not affected by the incident.



    SAEC port Omissions - South Africa Europe Container Services (SAECS) reports that two container ships on the intermediate or second string South AfricaEurope service, DAL EAST LONDON and MOL SPRINGBOK are running behind schedule. In order to make up time certain port calls will be omitted, as follows:

    MOL Springbok (706A/B) will be omitting Lisbon (South Bound), East London and Durban.
    IMPORTS: All Lisbon (SB), Durban and East London Imports for the MOL Springbok 706A will be transferred to the DAL East London 706A.
    EXPORTS: Durban and East London Exports may be transferred to either the SAF MEMLING 705B or the DAL East London 706B.
    The DAL EAST LONDON 706A/B will be omitting Cape Town 1 (Import Call) and Port Elizabeth.
    IMPORTS: All Cape Town 1 (Import) and Port Elizabeth Imports for the DAL East London 706A will be transferred to the MOL Springbok 706A.
    EXPORTS: Port Elizabeth Exports may be transferred to the MOL Springbok 706B or the Maersk Vigo 703B.

    The revised schedule is as follows:



    CPT 31 Ju1 07
    LIS 12 Aug 07 12 Aug 07
    THP 15 Aug 07 15 Aug 07
    BRV 17 Aug 07 18 Aug 07
    ANR 19 Aug 07 19 Aug 07
    LEH 20 Aug 07 21 Aug 07
    CPT 04 Sep 07 06 Sep 07
    PLZ: 07 Sep 07 08 Sep 07
    CPT: 09 Sep 07 10 Sep 07
    LIS: 22 Sep 07



    Aug 14 LIS Aug 15
    Aug 17 IMD Aug 17
    Aug 18 ANT Aug 18
    Aug 19 BRV Aug 20
    Aug 21 LEH Aug 22
    Aug 23 LIS Aug 24
    Sep 06 EBS Sep 07
    Sep 08 DUR Sep 11
    Sep 12 CPT Sep 13
    Sep 28/ LIS Sep 29
    Oct 02 IMD Oct 02

    French line CMA CGM intends introducing its own alternative for the transportation of motor vehicles by way of 200 new Trans-Rak containers (40ft) each capable of carrying four motor vehicles at a time, which it has described as a breakthrough. The line claims that by using containers the risk of theft and damage from accident or weather is lessened as the vehicles are transported direct from the factory to distribution centres.

    By making use of retractable ramps the containers can be used for other purposes, says CMA CGM. According to CMA CGM more than 10 million cars are transported worldwide by pure car carriers and another one million in containers.

    The South African plant of DaimlerChrysler situated at East London has used a retractable ramp type operation when shipping cars in containers for some years.


    Pic of the day – AFRICAN PROTEA

    Click on image to enlarge – with some browsers click twice

    AFRICAN PROTEA sails from Durban harbour as the port helicopter hovers at her stern waiting for the right moment to pick up the pilot. Picture Terry Hutson

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