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May 15, 2007
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  • IMF calls for better rail and road services for East Africa

  • South African ship arrives on maiden voyage

  • Chevron suspends Nigerian offshore operations

  • Mogadishu: Bomb disrupts UN mission visit

  • MOL introduces new tanker simulator for crew training

  • Pic of the day – CLEVELAND

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    IMF calls for better rail and road services for East Africa

    THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that road and rail networks are affecting efforts to modernise the port of Mombasa.

    According to the IMF’s man in Kenya, Scott Rogers, ‘there is a need to coordinate various development policies to push the East and Central African region forward.’

    Rogers made his comments during a visit to the Kenya Ports Authority during which he met with KPA’s managing director Abdalla Mwaruwa.

    Rogers said he was impressed with the volumes of cargo that has been attracted to the port of Mombasa as a result of the improvements in infrastructure, which he said was a symbol of the economic potential of the region.

    However the state of the road and rail infrastructure was undermining these efforts and resulting in congestion at the port, he said.

    According to the KPA’s managing director the volume of cargo handled over the past five years at Mombasa has increased by 40 percent. In addition the number of shipping lines calling regularly at the Kenyan port has also increased from 17 to 19 during 2007. The additional two lines are Emirates Shipping Lines and China National Shipping Lines.

    Mwaruwa claimed that ship turnaround time at Mombasa has been reduced from an average of five to seven days to just two. He said that the successes reached were the result of an intense marketing drive by the port.

    source – The Nation

    South African ship arrives on maiden voyage

    THE tenth of 12 Kanda class handysize bulkers on long term charter to Island View Shipping (IVS), IVS KITTIWAKE arrived in Durban at the weekend on her maiden voyage carrying a project cargo consisting of factory components destined for Zambia.

    The 32,000-DWT ship is also carrying cargo for the port of Beira after which she will head for northwest Europe.

    It was pure coincidence that the ship was able to carry cargo on her maiden voyage for Durban, South Africa, the home of Island View Shipping’s head office, said a IVS company spokesman on board the vessel yesterday.

    “The chances are that a ship like this, which is employed in the Lauritzen/IVS Pool, could take years before visiting a South African port, let alone Durban.”

    The 12 Kanda class ships of which IVS Kittiwake is the tenth are all owned by Japanese interests and placed on long-term charters to IVS of seven years with options to purchase and/or renew. Each vessel is deployed into the pool with Lauritzen Bulkers.

    Another of the pool vessels, this time a ship owned by the Grindrod Group, the 32,544-dwt DURBAN BULKER, called at Durban in April with a cargo of grain for discharge (see our News Report dated 16 April).

    Chevron suspends Nigerian offshore operations

    ACCORDING to a report from GACWorld.com, all offshore self-elevating work offshore platforms (SEWOPS) as well as drilling activities have been immediately suspended and will remain so for at least 30 days.

    This news comes after the recent spate of attacks on offshore facilities in which a number of oil workers have been kidnapped by Nigerian Delta militants.

    At the weekend the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) warned that it intends causing a ‘month of mayhem’ to force oil companies and the Nigerian Federal Government to provide greater autonomy for the oil producing region and to ensure that some of the wealth generated reaches the people living in the area.

    Chevron says it will remove all but the essential personnel from the offshore platforms and all vessels will be demobilised during the period with the exception of two.

    De-manning of the vessel commenced at the recent weekend.

    Mogadishu: Bomb disrupts UN mission visit

    NAIROBI 14 May 2007 (IRIN) - Explosions in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, which forced the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes to cut short his weekend visit, were politically motivated and meant to paint the city in a bad light, the city's mayor told IRIN.

    [Holmes is the highest ranking UN officer to visit Somalia since the early 1990s – P&S.]

    The mayor, Muhammad Umar Habeb, also known as 'Muhammad Dhere', regretted the explosions. "I am very disappointed that the trip was cut short," he said. "It was exactly what those who were behind the explosions hoped for."

    He said Holmes had not been in danger and "should have completed his programme".

    Shortly after Holmes and his delegation arrived in Mogadishu on Saturday, the first of several explosions was reported from the K4 area, on Holmes's route to the UN compound.

    "The K4 explosion [which killed four people] was aimed at a government security official," a local journalist said. "The others I think were meant for the UN people, as a message that all is not well."

    Addressing reporters on Sunday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, Holmes said, overall, the trip was not satisfactory "since it was curtailed by these security incidents". He added it had begun "to look as though maybe a message was being sent".

    Holmes and his delegation cancelled a tour of the city to view damage caused by recent fighting, as well as a visit to a hospital and a camp for internally displaced people, but met President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Gedi.

    He said he had asked the transitional government to increase its cooperation with the humanitarian effort in terms of freedom of movement, access and fewer bureaucratic obstacles. However, while promising cooperation with humanitarian operations, the government claimed the international community was "massively exaggerating the problem".

    Holmes also raised the question of abuses, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, which the government denied. The government, however, accepted a proposal for a UN human rights team to visit the country to look into those allegations, he said.

    Help for the displaced

    THE delegation also met civil society groups in Mogadishu. "We met with Mr Holmes and expressed our views on the reconciliation process and the need to scale up assistance to the IDPs [internally displaced]," Muhammad Nur Ga'al, the deputy head of the coalition known as Civil Society in Action, said on Monday.

    Ga'al said Holmes's trip was very important for the city, "which was under some kind of embargo. We hope that others will follow and come and contribute to the stabilisation of the city."

    He said the presence of international organisations would "greatly contribute to the overall stabilisation of the city".

    On the humanitarian situation, Holmes said the main problems were security, access and presence on the ground, but that the humanitarian community had been able to reach more people in the last week than before. However, he added: "We are a long way from covering the needs as we would like to."

    He added there was a real desire in the UN - both in the secretariat and the security council - "to do more for Somalia to bring about a better situation and lasting peace". Progress was needed on four parallel "tracks", he said: humanitarian, human rights, politics and security.

    Habeb said his administration would stabilise the city soon. "Within three months, inshallah, we will stabilise the city," he said.

    Holmes said, regarding the security situation, "there are limits of their [the government'] control over events on the ground".

    (This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations)

    MOL introduces new tanker simulator for crew training

    MITSUI OSK Lines, Ltd has introduced a new tanker cargo handling simulator at the MOL Training Center in Montenegro, based on the most advanced double-hull very large crude carriers (VLCCs).

    The type of the simulator provides senior officers with realistic training on pre-discharging cargo pipe pressure tests and pre-docking cargo pipe cleaning, in addition to normal loading/discharging operations.

    Trainees can simulate opening/closing of local valves that are operated on deck and in the pump room, by touching the valves of the cargo piping diagram on three large plasma displays. This simulates communication between the cargo control room and the site of the actual equipment. Thanks to the large, clear plasma display, trainees can view still and moving images or computer graphics of cargo machinery and valve operation for an authentic training experience.

    In addition to equipment and machinery images and the piping diagram, the new simulator can also easily display selected drawings of the equipment to help the trainees with self training.

    According to MOL it is also considering introducing this simulator at seafarer training centers in Japan and the Philippines that provide tanker cargo handling training for officers and crew members. Practical training will be incorporated with the simulator in the training curriculum.

    source – MOL

    Pic of the day – CLEVELAND

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    One of the few remaining general cargo ships still in steam is SS CLEVELAND. This anachronism berthed in Durban on 7 May 2007 for bunkers and stores and spent about 15 hours in port on her way to Toamasina, Malagasy, presumably carrying an aid parcel for that cyclone ravished island country.
    Photograph copyright SHIPHOTO INTERNATIONAL (Email: shack@iafrica.com)

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