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Apr 16, 2007
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  • Now India may outlaw liner conferences

  • Salvage tug ZOUROS HELLAS renamed

  • EMMA MAERSK wins Ship of the Year award

  • UN envoy concerned at rising tensions between Puntland and Somaliland

  • Pic of the day – DURBAN BULKER

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    Now India may outlaw liner conferences

    In a significant development the Indian government has indicated it may be ready to follow the example of the EU by abolishing the rights of shipping lines to operate liner conferences within the Indian market.

    If India’s government goes the way of accepting the recommendations of its Competition Commission which has recommended that the Ministry of Shipping does away with liner groups, or conferences, it could mark the start of a wider spread of action taken against liner conferences elsewhere, including possibly Africa.

    According to India’s Competition Act, which is similar to many similar acts in other countries including South Africa, price fixing by cartels is illegal. This could be taken to include freight rates and handling charges.

    “As part of our advocacy work, our advice to the shipping industry would be to examine the nature of the conferences in the light of the Competition Act and if necessary, bring about changes in conformity with the Act,” said Vinod Dhall of the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

    If the Indian government agrees with its commission it could mean the end for the India Pakistan Bangladesh Ceylon Conferences, one of the oldest conferences still operating.

    source – Maritime Global Net (MGN)

    Salvage tug ZOUROS HELLAS renamed

    Zouros Hellas arriving in Durban in 2004 while towing reefer vessel Snow Crystal – the tug has remained on station in South African waters for much of the time since then. Picture Terry Hutson CLICK TO ENLARGE

    According to unconfirmed reports the salvage tug ZOUROS HELLAS has been renamed TSAVLIRIS HELLAS while in Cape Town.

    Zouros Hellas has remained on station in Cape waters for much of the time since arriving in Durban with a tow several years ago. The powerful tug also took part in an unsuccessful attempt in 2006 to salvage the rig A Turtle which was aground off the island of Tristan da Cunha and has assisted with several other salvages on the South African coast.

    The 1487-gt Tsavliris Hellas was built in 1977 and was previously named MAGDELAN SEA. She is 66.7m in length with a beam of 13m and has a bollard pull of 120 tons. Flying the flag of Panama she is registered to the Maritime Consortium of Thessaloniki Inc.

    EMMA MAERSK wins Ship of the Year award

    Maersk Line’s flagship EMMA MAERSK has won the title of ‘Ship of the Year’ at the recent Lloyd’s List awards held in London.

    EMMA MAERSK is one of eight vessels currently under construction with the final vessel due for delivery to Maersk Line in January 2008. At 11,000-TEU (nominal but believed to be much higher), she and her sister vessels are the largest container vessels in the world. EMMA MÆRSK was named in August 2007 at Odense Steel Shipyard, Denmark.

    The sought-after awards, hosted at London’s Natural History Museum, were voted for across the industry and, says Maersk Line, confirm that the ship has set new standards in innovation, environment and safety for Maersk Line.

    "It's a great honour to receive this award from Lloyd's List. EMMA MAERSK is a true symbol of the industry-leading innovations that Maersk Line seeks in order to provide our customers with the best possible service, said Flemming Dalgaard, UK Managing Director of Maersk Line.

    “Constant care' is our approach to business and is a part of a proud heritage inherited from our founder. It is a philosophy that our employees work hard to continue with to this day and EMMA MAERSK embodies this approach with all of her technological and environmental innovations. On behalf of Maersk Line, I look forward to continuing to set the pace for the industry in the future."

    As one of the most environmentally-friendly container vessels ever built, the PS-class vessels - to which Emma Maersk belongs - have an advanced energy efficiency system, waste heat recovery system and an electronically controlled engine; features that contribute to fewer emissions through a reduced total fuel consumption of up to ten percent.

    In addition, the hull is painted with a biocide-free, silicone-based antifouling paint. This initiative reduces the impact on the marine environment and is expected to lower fuel consumption as well.

    The inboard protected fuel tanks are a preventive initiative, which guard against the possibility of oil spills.

    According to Maersk Line the company has consistently innovated and improved both the technological and environmental performance of its vessels.

    UN envoy concerned at rising tensions between Puntland and Somaliland

    Somalia, 13 April 2007 – Reacting to rising tensions between Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region and self-declared Somaliland, the senior United Nations envoy to the country today called on all sides to allow humanitarian activities to continue unimpeded.

    “These tensions threaten not only to undermine the political stability and economic progress that both sides have so painstakingly achieved, but also international support for their efforts,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative for Somalia, François Lonseny Fall, said in a statement released in Nairobi.

    “I would like to appeal to the authorities in both Puntland and Somaliland to immediately cease all hostile actions, refrain from any provocative acts and take all necessary steps to reduce tensions in the Sool and Sanaag regions,” Mr. Fall said.

    He appealed to both sides to ensure unrestricted access to all humanitarian efforts and not to impede United Nations humanitarian activities.

    Recent fighting in Somalia between the Ethiopian-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and insurgents has left hundreds dead and wounded, while tens of thousands of civilians have fled Mogadishu as a result of the conflict, Mr. Fall today told a meeting in Nairobi of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), a regional organization that has been involved in efforts to stabilise Somalia.

    “All the hospitals in the city and its environs have been overwhelmed with the rising number of casualties,” he added.

    The envoy called for a political solution, and encouraged the TFG to ensure that a planned National Reconciliation Congress be “as inclusive as possible.”

    On Thursday, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, John Holmes, voiced deep concern over the dire situation facing the displaced, who have been harassed, threatened, raped and robbed.

    The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that aid workers are being thwarted in their efforts to assist internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups by the deteriorating security situation, harassment, intimidation and even detention.

    The UN refugee agency has been begun delivery of 28 tons of relief supplies to help up to 20,000 people who fled recent fighting in Mogadishu, spokesman Ron Redmond told reporters in Geneva today.

    “Thousands of displaced Somalis have spent nearly two weeks without proper food, water or shelter,” he said. “Families with no relatives or clan links in the area continue to live in the open, or under trees. The need for shelter material is now more pressing because of the rainy season which normally begins this month.”

    UNHCR has additional stocks for up to 5,000 families in Mogadishu and smaller quantities in the town of Marka. But Mr. Redmond warned that obstacles remain. “We are still facing difficulties in bringing items out of the warehouses for distribution to thousands of families who fled from the capital,” he said, adding that “insecurity in parts of Mogadishu has continued to jeopardize humanitarian access to the Somali capital and surrounding regions, making the plight of civilians all the more desperate.”

    About 128,000 Somalis are believed to have fled from Mogadishu since the beginning of February. Nearly 90,000 of them have sought safety in the adjacent provinces of Middle and Lower Shabelle, according to UNHCR, which estimate that 18,000 people have settled in the district of Afgooye. And up to 4,000 people may be recently displaced in Baidoa.

    These figures “may still rise as people continue to flee Mogadishu,” Mr. Redmond warned.

    source – UN News Service

    Pic of the day – DURBAN BULKER

    Click on image to enlarge – with some browsers click twice

    A harbour tugs moves out of the picture (centre left) after assisting the handysized bulk ship DURBAN BULKER to a berth at Durban’s Island View early in April 2007 This was the occasion of the ship’s first call at the port whose name she carries.
    The 32,544-dwt ship is owned by Durban-based Island View Shipping (IVS) and its pool partner Lauritzen Bulkers and is employed in worldwide trades within the pool. The 177m long ship was built in 2005 and is designed for carrying granular cargo and other bulk cargoes including timber logs.
    On her maiden voyage to Durban she carried 31,500 tonnes of Argentine maize and corn on behalf of an international trading house for a Durban discharge. Having completed this working the ship is currently working other ports along the coast at Maputo, Richards Bay and Saldanha loading cargo for Mediterranean and Adriatic ports.
    For people who are not familiar with Durban, that’s the Durban Bluff in the upper background and the silos belong to Durban Bulk Shipping – part of the Bidfreight Group. Picture Russell Cleaver/Grindrod

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