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Apr 12, 2007
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  • New tug for Durban Single Buoy Mooring (SBM)

  • Mystery over loss of charter boat HAKUNA MATATA

  • MCLI calls for one-stop border post at Komatipoort

  • New look and more ships for MOL

  • African migrants attack Spanish patrol vessel

  • New Cruise News column begins this week

  • Pic of the day – LUETJENBURG

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    New tug for Durban Single Buoy Mooring (SBM)

    Readers of the Ships in Port section of Ports & Ships may have noticed a new name among the lists for Durban in recent weeks – a vessel named SMIT MADURA which has been due to enter the NPA floating dock.

    According to the latest GAC News bulletin Smit Madura is the latest tug to see service at the single buoy mooring (SBM) outside Durban (opposite Isipingo). The tug arrived on 4 April to undergo a major refit prior to entering service in May as the principal support vessel for the SBM.

    Details of the vessel are as follows:

    - LOA: 50.00 metres
    - Beam: 14.30 metres
    - Draft: 5.70 metres
    - Bollard Pull: 116 tonnes
    - Speed: 10 kts economical, 14.50 full speed.
    - Fire Fighting: 4 x monitors operated from the wheelhouse capable of 1800m3/hr at 12.5 bar, length of throw 150 metres at a height of 70 metres.
    In addition, foam generating capacity.

    Terminal operators will issue a full specification sheet once the vessel comes on hire.

    The vessel is 3 times more powerful than the present SBM support tug (NDONGENI) and has fire fighting and pollution resources.

    GAC News reports that due to this greatly increased capability of the vessel to respond to any incident at the SBM, tug charges will increase from R1,760.00 per hour (approximately USD 250) to R5,900 per hour (approximately USD 845).

    Terminal operators accept this is a significant increase but advise the sourcing of this vessel was found to be an essential requirement in the safe operation of the SBM due the ever increasing importance of safety and environmental protection.

    source – GACWorld.com

    Mystery over loss of charter boat HAKUNA MATATA

    An air of mystery surrounds the reported loss of a Durban charter boat, the HAKUNA MATATA, which has apparently foundered off the coast of Mozambique in heavy seas.

    The Mercury newspaper reports that the 15.5m boat, which is a popular charter and bay cruise boat operating from Durban, had capsized and sunk after hitting a buoy off the coast of Mozambique, but further information has not been forthcoming. The owners of the boat have so far declined to comment.

    The sinking took place more than a week ago while the boat was on its way to one of the Mozambique islands.

    Hakuna Matata was frequently seen operating from Durban Bay, offering sight-seeing and ‘booze-cruises’ to visitors and holidaymakers, but was also available for charter. It is thought the vessel was on such a trip when the accident occurred.

    The Mercury reports the vessel as having sunk but says a salvage is possible.

    MCLI calls for one-stop border post at Komatipoort

    The phenomenal growth in the number of people crossing the South Africa-Mozambique border at Komatipoort (Ressano Garcia on the Mozambique side) is an indication of the urgent need for a one-stop border post, says the Maputo Corridor Liaison Initiative (MCLI).

    The comment came in a communiqué from the MCLI following the recent Easter weekend in which an 86.6 percent increase in the number of people crossing the border was recorded.

    According to the MCLI this compares to an increase of 44 percent over the recent December month.

    “The record number of passengers being 163,379 compared to the 87,556 of last year with 57,459 crossing on Easter Friday the 6th compared to only 22,317 of last year…. is a clear indication that we need the ‘one-stop’ border post sooner than later, since the numbers can only grow and who knows what is to be expected this coming December high peak period.”

    The MCLI advises that the border post at Komatipoort will be open for 24 hours from 06.00 on 26 April until 22.00 on 2 May 2007, when it is expected that many travellers will again make a long-weekend out of the South African public holidays on the 27 April and 1 May.

    New look and more ships for MOL

    Mitsui OSK Line, the Japanese carrier has introduced a new look by way of a group logo using the three letters MOL against a deep blue background, symbolizing the sea.

    The company says the new logo is aimed at its long-term vision of taking the company forward as an excellent and resilient organisation leading the world’s shipping industry.

    The new logo is to be used worldwide.

    MOL also announced this week a major expansion of the company’s iron ore carrier fleet, in which it proposes launching 44 new ore ships. The company says it anticipates a continued growth in demand for steel, particularly in China and as a result demand for the transport of raw materials for steel will also increase.

    “As a leader in worldwide ore carrier operators, MOL is expanding its large-scale fleet with various types of vessels to meet diverse customer needs.”

    MOL has already signed long-term contracts for half of the 44 newbuilds and is continuing with negotiations to have 60 percent of the newbuilds sailing under long-term contracts.

    The launch programme will be effective between April 2007 to early 2012 with the following ships to be built:

    5 ships of 300,000 tonnes
    6 ships of 230,000t
    6 ships of 200,000t
    15 ships of 170,000t
    8 ships of 110,000t
    4 ships of 80,000t
    Total 44 ships.

    This will bring MOL’s iron ore carrier fleet to about 150 vessels by March 2013, including about 120 Cape size carriers and about 30 Panamax vessels.

    African migrants attack Spanish patrol vessel

    African migrants seeking an escape route to Europe attacked a Spanish patrol vessel after the patrol vessel intercepted the wooden vessel in Mauritanian waters.

    According to reports the migrants used Molotov cocktails and spiked objects which were thrown at the Spanish vessel, which did not retaliate for fear of sinking the frail-looking wooden boat with 57 migrants on board.

    Several days after the incident the migrants arrived in Canary Island waters where they came ashore to a waiting reception committee comprised of Spanish officials. The migrants are due to be repatriated back to Mauritania.

    In another incident involving African migrants but on the opposite side of Africa, over 30 immigrants died after they were forced overboard by human traffickers in Yemeni waters on Friday, 6 April.

    The boat carrying the migrants had crossed the Gulf of Aden from the Horn of Africa when Yemeni forces on shore opened fire, resulting in the smugglers forcing 34 migrants overboard into deep water where they drowned.

    New Cruise News column begins this week

    We are pleased to announce that commencing yesterday (Wednesday) a new weekly Cruise News column, researched, written and compiled by experienced travel writer Vernon Buxton will appear in our Cruise News section of Ports & Ships.

    Make sure to look out each Wednesday for the latest summary of cruise news from around the globe.

    Pic of the day – LUETJENBURG

    Click on image to enlarge – with some browsers click twice

    The container vessel LUETJENBURG, on charter to Safmarine and Maersk with the SAFARI service (South Africa-Far East) as a replacement vessel for SA HELDERBERG, after the latter ship was damaged off Malaysia earlier this year. Luetjenburg arrived in South Africa in late March and was in Cape Town on 4 April when IAN SHIFFMAN took this pricture.

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