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Mar 28, 2007
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  • Intermodal Conference gets underway

  • SAPO appoints Nosipho Damasane as GM Sales, Logistics and Commercial

  • Police concerned about imported used vehicles

  • Mogadishu traders suspend operations at the port

  • Federal Govt orders removal of Tincan and Apapa fuel tanks

  • Pic of the day – ANGELA STAR

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    Intermodal Conference gets underway

    The 5th Intermodal Africa 2007 conference gets underway at the Durban International Convention Centre today (Wednesday), when delegates take part in a technical site visit to the Port of Durban.

    Intermodal Africa which has rapidly become one of the better supported conference and exhibitions is held each year at a different venue on the African continent. In 2006 the Intermodal was held in Swakopmund, Namibia and the year before that in Dar es Salaam.

    A total of about 30 international business leaders will present papers or head discussions on a variety of topics and subjects. The respective sessions are as follows:

    Session 1: African Trade within the Global Economy – what are today’s and future investment and infrastructure requirements?

    Session 2: Where are we today? What is the structure for the future?

    Session 3: Are Ports and Terminals a revenue provider or trade enabler?

    Session 4: Information technology in ports and Intermodal transport – strengths and weaknesses.

    The conference sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday. Full details can be found at http://www.transportevents.com
    or by telephoning Transport Events Management, + 60 3 8023 5352 (Malaysia).

    The next Intermodal Africa is to be held in 2008 in Ghana.

    SAPO appoints Nosipho Damasane as GM Sales, Logistics and Commercial

    South African Port Operations has appointed former GM: Supply Chain, Nosipho Damsane as the General Manager responsible for Sales Logistics and Commercial.

    This follow’s SAPO’s restructuring of its executive team to focus on Customer Service, New Business Development and Supply Chain.

    As a result of this process the three positions were collapsed into one position, Sales Logistics and Commercial.

    Damasane said that as part of the strategic objectives of SAPO, business growth is one of the key focus areas as a mid and long term strategy.

    “Customer services were identified as a very important role for operations and the recommendation was that the Head Office Customer Services portfolios migrate to operations with a direct reporting to the COO containers and the COO break bulk.

    “This new position allows us to streamline our service offerings strategically to ensure there is a synergy amongst these areas.”

    She added that this portfolio was multi-disciplinary encompassing marketing, innovation, planning and liaising with all partners in the supply chain.

    “This new role is crucial to the profitability and sustainability of our business and I am committed to ensuring that SAPO improves on our current position as the leader in the industry.

    “SAPO has to be innovative about the way we do business to ensure business growth and customer satisfaction.”

    Police concerned about imported used vehicles

    by Thapelo Sakoana, BuaNews

    Police investigations have revealed that there has been an increase in the number of illegally imported used vehicles in South Africa.

    The Divisional Commissioner of Detective Services in the South African Police Service (SAPS), Johan de Beer said yesterday (Tuesday) that a large number of second-hand vehicles were being imported from Japan.

    Importing used cars without a permit issued by the International Trade and Administration Commission (ITAC) is prohibited by the regulations promulgated in terms of the International Trade and Administration Act number 71 of 2002.

    "Unscrupulous dealers in South Africa are acquiring these vehicles and importing them to South Africa on the pretext that these vehicles are in transit and destined for neighbouring countries that do not prohibit the importation of second-hand vehicles," said Commissioner De Beer.

    As a result, he explained, these vehicles either remain in the country or are taken to neighbouring countries where they get registered and returned to South Africa.

    He said after being returned to the country, the vehicles would then be registered in the country and subsequently sold to unsuspecting buyers.

    Most of these imported vehicles do not conform to the safety and roadworthy requirements in the country, and were usually declared unroadworthy in their country of origin.

    "These alleged transit vehicles are no longer permitted to be driven on South Africa's roads. Registration of these vehicles in South Africa is illegal," said Commissioner De Beer.

    He urged the public not to purchase such vehicles they would later be impounded by the police.

    "If you are in possession of such a vehicle or intend purchasing one, take note that the police will impound such vehicle. It will thereafter be disposed of in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 (Act 91 of 1964). You will not be reimbursed for such vehicle, so be aware," he said.

    However, Commissioner De Beer noted that only under exceptional circumstances would certain imported vehicles be allowed in the country.

    In this regard, the vehicles should have the following documents:

  • ITAC - import permits
  • Letter of authority from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) that the vehicle conforms to South African standards
  • Registering Authority - RPI (Request for Police Clearance)
  • Country of Origin - Deregistration certificate
  • Proof of purchase (in country of purchase)
  • SARS Customs - Bill of entry form
  • Vehicle Clearance - From the country of origin
  • Certificate of registration (M/V) - Letter of manufacturer

    Commissioner De Beer said people intending to buy used vehicles and experience some uncertainties about the origin of the car should verify by checking with the TransUnion - International Vehicle Identification Desk on tel 012 365 9540 or email: ivid@transunion.co.za

    Mogadishu traders suspend operations at the port

    Somali businessmen have announced they will stop importing and exporting through the port of Mogadishu in Somalia because of a dispute over additional tariffs imposed by the interim government.

    The announcement came after the union of business people in Banadir Province met to discuss a recent double tariff on traders using the port, which has been imposed since the interim government came to power.

    A spokesman for the union, Abbas Mohamed Duale told Shabelle Radio in Mogadishu that the government had more than doubled the tax and said that for example a sack of sugar which previously carried a tax of $ 1 was now being taxed at $ 3.60. He said this was something the business people could not afford to pay and they had decided to stop using the port at Mogadishu as a result.

    He did not disclose the means by which businesses intended importing cargo in future.

    source – Shabelle Media Network

    Federal Govt orders removal of Tincan and Apapa fuel tanks

    Nigeria’s Federal Government took action on Monday (26 March) by ordering the relocation of tank farms on Tincan Island and at Apapa as a result of ongoing congestion in the area.

    The government also ordered an immediate stop to further tank construction in the two areas.

    The drastic action comes after ongoing complaints that the tank farms contributed to the heavy traffic congestion in the port surrounds which in turn prevented the smooth flow of other cargo to and from the ports.

    The debate over maintaining the tank farms was put into further perspective last week when a road tanker exploded at the loading gantry of one of the tank farms, resulting in a blaze that could have spread across Apapa had it not been brought quickly under control.

    The Federal Minister of State for Water Transportation, Mahammed Habib Aliyu condemned the siting of tank farms after a visit to the facilities. He said that in port cities like Singapore tank farms were placed well away from the ports.

    Another Federal minister, Chief Cornelius Adebayo, the Minister of Transport was caught up in a traffic snarlup for about half an hour and later added his voice saying the farms would have to be relocated.

    Tincan and Apapa are not alone in having large tank farms close to a harbour area which contribute to traffic complications. A visitor to Durban would notice something very similar, where the Island View tank farms are situated a few hundred metres from the central business district across Durban Bay. A large and highly populated housing suburb overlooks the entire complex which is serviced by only two roads – one which passes through the Bluff suburbs and the other along the notorious and heavily congested Bayhead Road.

    Traffic snarlups along Bayhead Road are common, with delays of anywhere between two and five hours a regular occurrence. Most of the heavy trucks congesting the road are for the container terminals but increasing numbers of road tankers are now being seen.

    Pic of the day – ANGELA STAR

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    The bulker ANGELA STAR arrives in Durban Harbour to have damage assessed by ships repairers following a collision involving another bulker while at anchor off Richards Bay (see PORTS & SHIPS News Bulletin 20 March 2007). The other ship, THEARESTON subsequently also arrived in Durban for inspection. Picture SHIPHOTO INTERNATIONAL (Email: shack@iafrica.com)

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