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Jan 10, 2007
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  • EWATA adjusts congestion surcharges

  • US nuclear sub collides with VLCC in Arabian Sea

  • US Navy blockades Somalia

  • Liberia to refurbish lighthouse

  • Pic of the day – IVS KWAITO

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    EWATA adjusts congestion surcharges

    Shipping lines making up the membership of the Europe West Africa Trade Agreement (EWATA) have announced the following adjustments to southbound congestion surcharges as from 21 January 2007:

    Tema port scene, picture courtesy OTAL

    Tema, Ghana
    Euro100/200 per 20ft/40ft

    Lagos (Apapa & Tin Can), Nigeria
    Euro50/100 per 20ft/40ft

    Cotonou, Benin
    Euro175/350 per 20ft/40ft

    Euro100/200 per 20ft/40ft

    Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
    Containerised cargo: euro450/900 per 20ft/40ft
    Conventional cargo: euro22 per frt

    Matadi, Congo
    Containerised cargo: euro50/100 per 20ft/40ft
    Conventional cargo: euro2 per frt

    Pointe-Noir, Congo
    Containerised cargo: euro25/50 per 20ft/40ft
    Conventional cargo: euro1 per frt

    Luanda, Angola
    Containerised cargo: euro200/400 per 20ft/40ft
    Ro-ro cargo: euro200 per unit (trucks, buses, trailers)
    Euro100 per unit (cars, vans)

    Congestion surcharges at Onne, Nigeria, and Dakar, Senegal, remain unchanged.

    The EWATA members lines are: CSAV, Delmas, Hapag Lloyd, Libra, Maersk Line, Nile Dutch, OT Africa Line and Safmarine

    US nuclear sub collides with VLCC in Arabian Sea

    The US Navy nuclear-powered submarine Newport News collided with the Japanese K Line VLCC Mogamigawa in the Arabian Sea yesterday.

    The collision took place south of the Strait of Hormuz. Only slight damage to the tankers ballast tank was reported and there were no oil leaks.

    It was not known what damage occurred to the American submarine or how the accident came about. The 299,999-dwt Mogamigawa was proceeding partly loaded from Saudi Arabia for Singapore and has a crew of 24. The ship was since safely gone to anchorage in the UAE.

    USN Newport News (SSN750) is a Los Angeles class multirole attack submarine built in 1989. She displaces 7,100 tons submerged and is 109m long with a beam of 9.7m. Her propulsion comes from a S6G reactor feeding steam turbines and driving a single shaft while producing 35,000shp to give a speed of around 30 knots. Newport News carries a crew of 141.

    The sub’s armaments consist of four 21-inch torpedo tubes capable of launching both torpedoes and Tomahawk missiles, plus a further 12 vertically launched Tomahawks.

    K Line’s VLCC Mogamigawa is unarmed.

    US Navy blockades Somalia

    Somalia’s interim federal government of President Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed is tightening its grip on the strategic troubled Horn of Africa country with the assistance of Ethiopian troops and the US Navy.

    Having moved into Mogadishu after Ethiopian and government troops routed forces loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts, who are now holed up in the extreme south of the country, the president has revealed that he supports American air bombardment on suspected UIC hideouts.

    Earlier a US AC130 gunship flew from Djibouti to strafe several positions where suspected al-Qaeda activists are believed to be hiding. At the same time the US aircraft carrier USN Dwight D Eisenhower has taken up position in the Arabian Sea after leaving the Persian Gulf to provide air cover.

    Other ships of the US Navy are in position off the Somali coast to prevent activists from escaping by sea. It is believed that a number of foreign Arab fighters are present in the south of the country and might try to make their escape either across the border into Kenya or in small boats by sea. Kenya has placed its troops on alert across the border.

    According to the US al-Qaeda operatives linked to the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa had found shelter with the Somali Islamists and are still present in the country. Ethiopia’s prime minister Meles Zenawi said that his forces acting alongside government forces have captured a number of foreigners including fighters from Canada, Eritrea, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Sudan and Yemen.

    According to President Yusuf his government has extended an amnesty to Islamist fighters but not to foreigners who were involved with the UIC. Nor did an amnesty apply to the Islamist organisation’s leaders. He said that the warlords should also give their loyalty to the new government. “We will not allow warlords to empower themselves in the capital and recruit militias,” he said.

    Attempts to pacify Mogadishu and disarm the people is now underway but with mixed success and the next few weeks should determine whether the country can look forward to having law and order introduced or whether it will again slide into anarchy.

    Meanwhile plans are being mooted to raise an African Union (AU) force to act as peacekeepers in Somalia. South Africa has been asked to provide troops and expertise.

    Meanwhile in Washington US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice announced that that US is providing US $ 16.575 million as an initial “robust” response to meet humanitarian needs in Somalia following the re-establishment of control over the country by the Transitional Federal Institutions.

    In a 4 January statement, Rice says Somalia has a "historic opportunity to begin to move beyond two decades of warlordism, extreme violence and humanitarian suffering” and calls on the international community to join the United States in supporting humanitarian and reconciliation efforts there.

    Sources – US State Dept, Shabelle Media Service, BBC

    Liberia to refurbish Ducor lighthouse

    Liberia’s maritime commissioner John Morlu has visited the lighthouse situated at the top of the Ducor hills overlooking Monrovia to assess what repairs are necessary and aims to have the facility restored back in full service.

    Morlu was accompanied by members of the National Port Authority, the Maritime Bureau and people from the Ministry of Defence.

    The lighthouse has been inoperable for some time, according to reports.

    Morlu said that a technical team would make a report on what is necessary to rehabilitate the lighthouse including the estimated cost. Asked about who would pay for the repairs he said that if necessary other relevant institutions would be asked to assist financially. It was important for the lighthouse to be returned to service, not only from a maritime safety perspective but also to demonstrate that progress was being made in the maritime industry.

    An inspection has also been made of other lighthouses at Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Greenville, Sinoe, and Harper.
    Source - The Inquirer (Monrovia)

    Pic of the day – IVS KWAITO

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    The bulker IVS KWAITO of Island View Shipping pulls away from Durban’s Maydon Wharf sugar terminal with the assistance of harbour tug Umhlali. Picture by RD Vashan

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