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Jan 15, 2007
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  • Up go Safmarine and Maersk Asia - South Africa (Safari) rates

  • Latest port tug order in trouble

  • Coal conference lined up for Cape Town

  • Durban Intermodal Transport Conference is Africa’s biggest yet

  • UN predicts deceleration of world economy

  • Pic of the day – BBC CAMPANIA

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    Up go Safmarine and Maersk Asia - South Africa (Safari) rates

    Maersk Line and its sister company Safmarine have announced rate increases on the Asia - South Africa, beginning from April 2007.

    On 1 April the box rate will increase by US $ 150 per TEU from the Far East to South Africa including the Indian Ocean islands. From 1 October 2007 the increase will decrease to $ 100 per TEU.

    In addition the two shipping lines have indicated they intend applying a peak season surcharge from 1 August to 30 November.

    According to the statement transportation costs have increased significantly over the past few years.

    "The announced rate increases will assist in compensating for these increases and enable us to continue to maintain and develop our reliable and dedicated services on the Asia-South Africa trade.

    source - HKSG

    Latest port tug order in trouble

    According to sources but as yet unconfirmed, the order for two new tugs for the National Ports Authority, which had been awarded to Damen Shipbuilding and were to be built at the Southern African Shipyards in Durban, is in dispute and on hold.

    It seems an appeal has been lodged over the tender by a Cape Town shipbuilding company and the shipbuilding programme at Durban has been placed on hold and may be cancelled for a new tender to be issued.

    Details of the claim are not known but it should be remembered that several previous tenders for tugs to be built for the National Ports Authority have been bedeviled by law suits and counterclaims, leading to a number of tender processes being abandoned.

    Watch this space!

    Coal conference lined up for Cape Town

    Cape Town may seem an odd choice of venue to hold a coal conference, being about as far away from the South African coal industry as one could be without resorting to Marion Island. After all delegates can’t exactly nip round to the local coal mine for a quick inspection of the latest method of extracting black gold from the soil, but be that as it may, Cape Town remains the venue for the McCloskey’s 2nd South African coal Exports Conference taking place on 30 and 31 January 2007.

    The conference, which is being held at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel in the city, deals with the subject ‘How real is the prospect of export growth?’

    “The design and structure of our second Cape Town conference marks a unique departure for us,” says the PR by McCloskey. “After reflecting on the continuous flow of feed back from this year’s conference delegates we have decided to embark on a new style of event which does away with serried ranks of speeches and is instead based upon extended discussion on the dominant issues surrounding the South African coal industry. Even the lay-out of the room – “Cabaret” style – has been chosen.”

    Topics include:

  • The unplummeted depths of Eskom’s future Appetite for Coal;

  • Richards Bay happily commits to expansion to 91mt plus - but will the demand be there and, if so will the coal be available?

  • And even if the coal resource is sufficient, have the workings of South Africa’s bureaucracy effectively hidden it?

    Ports & Ships will be attending and will report on these pertinent questions.

    Full details may be found at www.mccloskeycoal.com

    Durban Intermodal Transport Conference is Africa’s biggest yet

    700 Participants; 100 Exhibitors; 30-Speakers - Two-day International Container, Ports, Shipping and Transport Logistics Exhibition and Conference gives global perspectives and African focus.

    The 5th Intermodal Africa 2007 Africa Exhibition and Conference at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 March 2007 has become the largest annual containerised ports, shipping and transport logistics industry gathering on the African continent and one of the largest throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

    With its singular focus on developing and sustaining a reliable marriage of various modes of transport, the 2007 event is preparing an international 30-speaker conference programme.

    According to managing director of Transport Events Management, Rory J. Doyle, the two-day Conference is attended by 350 of the world’s leading port, shipping and logistics senior executives and held concurrently with an Exhibition of 100 of the world’s leading suppliers to the container handling and ports industry.

    “Key to its success is the strict relevance criteria that we use to select our speakers and the intensity of the event that only requires two days from the office or operational coalface.”

    He adds that invited speakers are selected as they can give the African conference truly relevant international input. They compliment authoritative African presentations that provide an accurate reflection of what is happening in the southern African region and the continent as a whole.

    The 5th Intermodal Africa 2007 Conference and Exhibition is being hosted by the National Ports Authority of South Africa (NPA).

    UN predicts deceleration of world economy

    New York (BuaNews) - The United Nations (UN) has predicted a deceleration of the world economy this year after three straight years of growth with American economy weakening dragged down by a softening United States housing market.

    The World Economic Situation and Prospects 2007 report forecasts world economic growth to slow down to 3.2 percent this year, from the record high of 4 percent in 2005 and an estimated 3.8 percent last year.

    But the growth will remain robust with slight moderation in developing states and economies in transition, the report states.

    It further notes that among developing nations, sustained high growth in India and China has engendered more internal growth through increasing south-south trade and financial linkages.

    Stating that the American economy will be a major drag for the global slowdown, the report, released Wednesday (10 January), maintained that no other developed economy is expected to emerge as an alternative engine for the world economy with growth rate in Europe forecast to slow down to 2 percent and in Japan below 2 percent.

    The report holds out the possibility of much stronger slowdown in American economy, leading to sustained risks.

    These include dollar losing its value too fast or inability of the US to draw outside investments.

    The report expresses concern over widening current account imbalance across the regions and countries.

    The US, it said, is running a current account deficit around USD 900 billion matched by surpluses generated by Germany, Japan and, more importantly, by developing regions and economies in transition including major oil exporters.

    In terms of the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa, the country aims to achieve 6 percent annual economic growth between 2010 and 2014. This intervention is geared at halving poverty and unemployment by 2014.

    Pic of the day – BBC CAMPANIA

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    The general cargo vessel BBC CAMPANIA of the class of ship specialising in project type cargo, seen entering Durban during 2006. Picture Terry Hutson

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