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Oct 20, 2006
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Durban Port closure postponed

Durban, Friday 11:45 - The National Ports Authority, Port of Durban advises that they have just been informed by their contractor that the port closure scheduled for 17:00 21st to 09:00 22nd October (Saturday/Sunday, this weekend) has been cancelled due to operational reasons. (See today’s Bulletin of Maritime News)

“We will review the situation on Monday morning with a view to drilling the test hole during the week and will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible should it be decided that the test hole will be drilled during the course of the week,” says the port authority.

Durban Port Container Congestion Advisory

>B>Durban, Friday 11.30 - The following advisory has been issued to all members of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and the SA Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF):

‘Importers will be aware that both the Durban Container Terminals are experiencing serious congestion with consequent vessel delays which may result in the imposition of freight surcharges.

The presence of container volumes in excess of Terminal optimum capacity exacerbates the situation as systems become overloaded and vehicle and straddle movements slow down.

The removal of import containers as soon as possible after arrival is one way in which stack congestion can be reduced and terminal productivity improved.

Terminal management have announced that a process for the removal of “Overstay” boxes from Terminals will be implemented shortly. This will mean that Containers not cleared and uplifted from the Terminal within the current three day “free” period will be removed and delivered to outside licensed depots by SAPO nominated transporters.

Though such movement, handling and storage will be for the account of importers they will have no say over the carrier or depot concerned.

Early presentation of CTO’s and uplift of containers will not only assist the Terminals over the current difficult period but also obviate the delays and costs that will now be incurred by importers on overstay containers.

Providing Clearing Agents with documents well in advance of vessels arrival and insisting on prompt clearance and uplift immediately on discharge should ensure that these additional costs, delays and risks are avoided.

This represents an opportunity for Industry to assist in improving a difficult situation at Terminals whilst at the same time keeping unnecessary costs and delays to a minimum.’

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