Egypt puts cameras along Suez Canal after shooting

Apr 1, 2008
Author: P&S

Following the incident recently when an American security team embedded on a civilian transport ship, Global Patriot, opened fire on and killed a man in a small boat approaching the ship near the entrance to the Suez Canal, canal authorities have begun installing cameras along the banks of the canal.

A spokesman for the canal company said the cameras will help achieve a better vision of all ship and small boat activity along the canal. Installation of the cameras began last week, days after the shooting and the cameras will be monitored on large screens housed at the company’s offices in Ismailia.

The American ship was under charter to the US military and carried on board a security contingent which claims it challenged the occupants of several small boats approaching the ship. When one boat continued its approach warning shots were fired and although the Americans initially denied that anyone had been hit, it is now conceded that one man was killed.

The boat was carrying several traders who were hoping to sell goods to the crew of the Global Patriot, which was waiting to enter the canal. Observers said the traders operating from small boats knew they should not approach warships but had no way of knowing the freighter was under military command.

The US has since admitted the shooting and has expressed regret to Egypt and the family of the deceased.



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