Djibouti-based task force change of command followed by drug and alcohol busts

Feb 29, 2008
Author: P&S

A French admiral has taken over command of the Coalition Task Force known as Combined Task Force 150, which is operating in the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Red Sea and parts in north western Indian Ocean. The force’s logistical base is at Djibouti in the Red Sea.

Rear Admiral JL Kerignard received control of the task force from Pakistan Navy Commodore Khan Hasham Bin Saddique in a routine rotation on board the Pakistan Navy ship TIPPU SULTAN. Admiral Kerignard will retain command for the next four to six months.

Task Force 150 consists of an average of 14 warships drawn from the navies of France, the UK, US, Canada, Germany and Pakistan with active participation also from ships of the Australian, Italian, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish navies. The purpose of the task force is to carry out patrols in the area allocated to help and ensure safe maritime activity in a region noted for acts of piracy, particularly in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and off the Somali coast.

Meanwhile coalition warships this week made one of the biggest drug busts in the northern Arabian Gulf when 4.3 tonnes of hashish was seized on board a Pakistan-registered fishing dhow operating at sea.

If that wasn’t enough, on the following day another bust was made in which a fishing dhow was found to be carrying over 10,000 bottles of alcohol. The crews of both dhows were arrested and taken to Pakistan for questioning.



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