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Nov 16, 2007
Author: P&S

Nigeria’s Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Vice Admiral GTA Adekeye is to begin an inspection of naval bases, facilities and ships in the Eastern Naval Command sector as from Monday (18 November).

The area covered by Eastern Naval Command includes Port Harcourt, Calabar, Oron and Bonny.

As part of the inspection all Nigerian Navy ships will put to sea for the full seven days of the inspection exercise. At the end of the exercise the annual naval ball is to be held in Lagos State.

In the south of the continent, the ongoing South African Navy exercise codenamed Red Lion which is being conducted by ships of the South African Navy continued this week along the east coast involving several ships in action near Durban yesterday. Taking part in this exercise along the east coast was the frigate SAS MENDI, the two strike craft SAS ISAAC DYOBHA and SAS GALASHEWE in addition to the combat support ship SAS DRAKENSBERG.

Yesterday the frigate SAS Mendi detached from the exercise and arrived at the Durban naval station on Salisbury Island and was followed by the two strike craft. On Saturday (17 November) the three ships will sail with representatives of industry and business on board to demonstrate the ability of the navy to perform its role function in an exercise dubbed Blue Shield.

SAS DRAKENSBERG is meanwhile continuing further north to take part in Exercise Interop East with the naval forces of several SADC countries in promoting regional and continental security and co-operation. Among ports to be visited is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The Type 42 destroyer HMS SOUTHAMPTON which has been in Cape Town harbour this past week. Picture by Ian Shiffman



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