Nigerian Navy sinks militant boats

Nov 28, 2007
Author: P&S

Nigeria’s Navy is been reported as having been involved in clashes with militants in Soku in Rivers State during which it sank a number of boats used by the militants operating in the area.

The clashes followed a night patrol in the Soku area which came under attack from the armed gangs. The navy patrol return fire and set at least one of the militants boats on fire and others were damaged.

According to an unofficial Navy source at least 30 boats fitted with machine guns were pitted against the navy vessels, which were however better equipped and were able to fight off the attack. The navy itself has declined to comment on the report but admits that four militants’ boats and several barges used to siphon off crude oil had been sunk.

The navy is believed to have gone on full alert following the battle in anticipation of reprisal action.

Nigeria’s Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Ganiyu Adekeye said this week that the navy intends going on the offensive to secure the waterways around Bonny and rid it of militancy and other lawless activity.

source – This Day



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