South African visit by US destroyer is confirmed

Sep 18, 2007
Author: P&S

The US Consulate in Durban has confirmed that USS Forrest Sherman (DDG98), one of the most modern and powerful destroyers afloat, will call at Durban within the next week, followed by a visit to Cape Town. The Forrest Sherman, an Arleigh Burke-class multirole guided missile destroyer, is currently on a visit to Maputo in Mozambique (see yesterday’s PORTS & SHIPS News Bulletin).

The ship’s commanding officer is Cmdr Dean Vesely and the vessel carries a crew of about 360.

The Arleigh Burke class of destroyer is a modern ship with a length of 155m length which displaces 9,200 tons fully loaded and is regarded as the mainstay of the US Navy surface fleet in the first part of this century. Thirty-four ships in the class have been built or are on order.

USS Forrest Sherman, as part of a newly established task force dedicated to the African East and South Coast region and which is known as the Southeast Africa Task Group 60.5, has also paid visits to Djibouti, Dar es Salaam and Moroni in the Comoros on her current cruise.

Southeast Africa Task Group 60.5 is under the command of Captain Nicholas Holman.

During her visit to Durban and Cape Town many of the sailors on board will enjoy some shore leave, and in Durban the US Navy is hoping to arrange a public concert involving musicians from the ship. While in Durban next week the ship will not be open to the public and will sail for Cape Town on completion of her visit.

“Strong maritime partnerships are vital to the security of a region and, ultimately, to its stability and economic development. Peaceful, secure and prosperous seas are in everyone’s best interest,” said Capt Holman when he addressed a group of diplomats and Tanzanian government and military officials at a reception on the ship’s flight deck in Dar es Salaam harbour recently.



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