South African Navy holds Open Day Festival this week

Mar 22, 2007
Author: P&S

The South African Navy is hosting another Open Day Festival at the Simonís Town Naval Base this weekend, which will be open to the public. The Festival starts on Friday and ends on Sunday (23 Ė 25 March 2007).

Among the star attractions this year is the navyís latest ship, the submarine SAS MANTHATISI which will be available for the public to inspect for the first time. Other ships including the new frigates, strike craft and other vessels will also be open to visitors. All ships will be dressed for the occasion.

Some of the highlights include a display of parachuting by the SA Special Forces which takes place tomorrow at 11.00 and a Right of Entry Parade through the streets of Simonís Town on Saturday at 10.00.

Other highlights include a Night Gunnery Shoot from the Lower North battery on Saturday evening at 20.00 and a display by the Silver Falcons Aerobatic team of the South African Air Force on Saturday and Sunday at 12.00. The Retreat Ceremony will be held on Sunday at 17.30.

For those who prefer something more lighthearted there is a Navy Band Dry Dock Concert on Friday evening at 20.00.

There is no parking available within the Dockyard and visitors are advised to find parking at Cole Point Cafť, Martello Gate, Sea Forth car park and along the main and side roads.

Full details of the Navy Festival can be found at



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