Belgian Navy ship visits Luanda

Feb 15, 2007
Author: P&S

Belgian Navy Ship Godetia, a minecraft tender of 2,500 tons when she called at Cape Town 5 Feb 07. Pic by Ian Shiffman. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The Belgian Navy minecraft logistics support ship BNS GODETIA (A960) arrived in Luanda Harbour yesterday (Wednesday) of an official visit to the Angolan capital.

The 2,500-ton, 92m ship, the largest in Belgiumís small navy, is on a two-month visit to six African countries that has already seen her visiting South Africa (Cape Town), Benin (West Africa) and the DRC.

After visiting Luanda the ship will proceed to Gabon and later to Morocco before returning home.

This is the third time the ship has visited Angola. She is expected to sail on Friday.



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