Nigerian naval patrol attacked by militants two personnel abducted

Jan 9, 2007
Author: P&S

A Nigerian task force operating in the Niger Delta came under attack from militants on Sunday (7 January 2007) which resulted in two navy personnel being abducted.

According to reports the Nigerian Navy was on a routine patrol near one of the oil facilities when the militants attacked with a much larger number of boats. Faced by the greater firepower of the militants several of the navy personnel jumped into the water but two were captured and taken hostage.

Despite all the gunfire there were no reports of injuries. The attack took place near Soku in Rivers State and the Nigerian Navy has admitted that two of its men have been taken hostage.

Late last year the Nigerian authorities promised to deploy a number of patrol boats and ships to the troubled region along with additional personnel. It is not clear whether this larger task force has yet taken up position in the Delta region



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