Navy ratings want their beds

Nov 7, 2006
Author: P&S

Oh dear, what is becoming of the modern navy? According to reports junior ratings in the South African Navy are up in arms over an order to vacate their comfortable accommodation in Navy barracks in Simonís Town and move on board the ships in the naval base.

The men (and women) are not pleased at having to move into what they say are crowded conditions simply in order that other newer recruits transferring from SAS Saldanha can be accommodated in the barracks.

The problem it seems is that the navy has been taking on so many additional recruits on two year contracts that space is becoming a premium.

As the new trainees complete their basics at Saldanha they are transferred to Simonís Town, and now the military forces union is to take up the issue on behalf of those forced to move.

The ratings complain that space on board the ships is too restricted, making it difficult for them to study or even to stash their gear.

Whatever happened to the days when recruits lived in tents, and sailors swung the night in hammocks?



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