Royal Navy undertakes to help train SA Navy officers

Oct 11, 2006
Author: P&S

A fresh team of Royal Navy instructors is expected in South Africa in November to continue the training of officers of the South African Navy who will later be deployed among the new frigates and submarines.

Arrangements were concluded some time ago for both the Royal Navy and the Indian Navy to assist with SAN training programmes – the Royal and Indian navies were chosen even though the new ships have been acquired from Germany – because of language commonality. Since then members of the SAN have been on training courses in India and several courses involving Royal Navy personnel have taken place in South Africa.

One of those who has undertaken training in both the UK and in South Africa is Captain Bravo Mhlana, who is designated to take over command of the frigate SAS Isandlwana, when he will become the first black South African to have his own command of a large warship in the South African Navy.

Meanwhile, the UK’s First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band is currently in South Africa visiting navy headquarters in Pretoria, where he held talks with the chief of the South African Navy, Vice Admiral Johannes Mudimu.

During his visit in Pretoria Admiral Band said that the world’s navies had to learn to work together to counteract what he called the ‘bad men’ at sea, including pirates, drug smugglers, human traffickers and terrorists. He emphasised the importance of the seas for global trade.

Admiral Band will also visit Simon’s Town during his stay in South Africa.



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