Indian destroyer on way to Durban

Aug 23, 2006
Author: P&S

Ports & Ships has unconfirmed news that the Indian Navy destroyer INS Mumbai (D63), one of three Delhi class destroyers in service with the Indian Navy, will pay a one-week official visit to Durban from 28 August (next Monday) until 3 September 2006.

The warship will berth alongside N berth passenger terminal for either the duration or at least some of the time in Durban and will be open to the public on certain days. The warship is bound to attract a large public interest during her visit.

INS Mumbai displaces 6,700 tons when fully loaded and is a large ship of her type at 163m in length and a beam of 17m. Built to an indigenous Indian design (the first vessel INS Delhi was launched in 1997 and was followed two years later by INS Mysore), INS Mumbai is the third of a planned six ships and was launched in 2001.

She has an arsenal of 48 SAM missiles, 16 SSM, a 100mm main gun, four 30mm aa guns, two triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes and carries two Sea King helicopters housed on a helicopter deck and hangar.

The ship’s propulsion is in the form of twin shafts driven by 10,000 bhp diesel engines for cruise purposes and boosted by two AM-50 gas turbines producing 54,000 shp, giving the ship a described top speed of 28 knots.

INS Mumbai carries a crew of 360 personnel.

We emphasise that this news has not yet been confirmed but is considered reliable.

(technical information courtesy Haze Gray & Underway)



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