Kenyan Navy goes on anti-piracy patrol

Dec 12, 2005
Author: P&S

Ships of the Kenyan Navy are being deployed to escort vessels operating in waters along the Kenyan coast north of Mombasa. The Kenyan Defence Department says that all international ships sailing along the Kenyan coast are now required to notify the Kenyan Navy of their presence.

Last week the German cruise ship Europa became the first cruise vessel to receive this attention with an escort provided by two Kenyan Navy vessels, the Province class missile boat Nyayo (P3126) and the Shupavu class patrol boat Shujaa (P6130).

KNS Shujaa on a visit to Durban in December 2004. Picture Terry Hutson

Kenyan has taken these steps to help ward off any possibility of an increase in freight rates being applied to cover higher insurance premiums on shipping along the East African coast and amidst fears that the region may be declared a war zone.



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