Nigerian Navy chief aims to renew fleet

Oct 29, 2005
Author: P&S

Nigeria’s navy chief Vice Admiral T Adeleye says he wants to replace obsolete ships in the Nigerian Navy with modern vessels.

The navy chief said that he hoped the Federal Government would agree to replace the ships within a five year window and although he personally may have left the navy by the time the ships begin arriving he would have had the satisfaction of knowing that the right foundations had been laid.

He said the environment in which the navy currently operated was changing, with an emphasis away from coastal operations towards deep sea functions.

“This is posing new operational and logistic challenges. Our country has enormous economic interest in the deep sea.”

At the recent Trafalgar celebrations held in Portsmouth UK, Nigeria was represented by its flagship, NNS Aradu, a type 360 Meko frigate that had undergone a refit and return to service. In 2001 a total of 13 ships were earmarked for repairs and a return to service and in June 2004 the navy announced it intended procuring 15 small patrol response boats from Safe Boat Inc of Port Orchard, Washington USA at a cost of US million.

These craft would be used by the navy to help protect the inland waters of the Niger Delta, from which much of Nigeria’s oil wealth is derived. Nigeria also makes use of a large number of small speed boats to patrol the creeks and inlets of the delta.


IN September 2005 the South African combat support vessel SAS Drakensberg visited Nigeria while returning home from the UK, where the ship had represented the South African Navy at the bicentennial celebrations of the Battle of Trafalgar.

After taking part in joint exercises with the Nigerian Navy, South African Navy chief of staff Rear Admiral Mosoeu Magalefa said that Nigerian and South African navies would continue working towards mutual co-operation in the field of training.

“Nigeria and South Africa, like most countries in Africa, share many matters of mutual concern and interest. This emphasises the need for us to be able to share our experience and knowledge on such matters,” he said.

SAS Drakensberg also exercised with elements of the Angolan Navy off the Angolan coast before returning to Simon’s Town.

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