Australian frigate for Simonís Town and Cape Town

Jul 7, 2005
Author: P&S

HMAS Anzac, a home-built Australian Navy Meko 200 type frigate is due in Simonís Town between 23 and 26 July and Cape Town between 26 and 28 July.

HMAS Anzac was constructed in Australia using the modular system, where sections of each ship are built at different yards and finally assembled at Williamstown, Victoria. The Anzac-class programme involves building ships for both the Australian and New Zealand navies.

Anzac displaces 3,600 tons fully loaded and is 118m long with a beam of 14.4m. The class, which currently consists of eight ships in the Australian Navy, has a speed of 28 knots and uses the combined diesel or gas propulsion system (CODOG) with a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Armament is fairly light, consisting of a 127mm (5 inch) gun, several machine guns, two torpedo tubes and surface to air Sea Sparrow missiles.

HMAS Anzac is currently returning to Australia after having represented Australia at the recent Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review in Portsmouth, UK.



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