SAS Outeniqua in Durban

May 8, 2004
Author: P&S

The South African Navy combat support ship SAS Outeniqua arrived in Durban from Simonís Town this week for what is described as a routine cargo run. The ship is expected to sail early in the new week.

Persistent rumours suggest that SAS Outeniqua, which was built as a Ro-Ro general cargo vessel in the Kherson shipyard in the Ukraine in 1991, where she was launched as the Alexandr Sledzuk, will be the next major navy ship to be withdrawn from service. These reports havenít been confirmed or denied by the navy.

The ship was completed on 3 April 1992 and transferred to the Akva Shipping Co who renamed her Juvent. One year later the ship, with strong ice capabilities for arctic and Antarctic work, was offered for sale and purchased by the SA Navy on 26 February 1993 as a replacement for the replenishment supply vessel SAS Tafelberg.

Considering her relatively young age and versatile all-round capabilities it would be a surprise if the reports prove true.

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