Navy visits Durban

Jul 16, 2003
Author: P&S

Three SA Navy ships are due at Salisbury Island Naval Station this coming week.

First to arrive is the combat support ship SAS Outeniqua, which is due on Sunday, 20 July 2003 at 08.00. Outeniqua will play host to a media function on Tuesday 22 July after which a commissioning ceremony to name the Inshore Patrol Vessel P1554 as SAS Tekwane will take place. SAS Tekwane is used for coastal patrols and seaward duties.

SAS Tekwane recently returned from Maputo in Mozambique where she provided seaward protection during the African Union summit. This vessel is currently stationed at Durban.

The other two navy ships due are the strike craft SAS Isaac Dyobha (P1565) and SAS Makhanda (P1569), which arrive on Monday, 21 July at 08.00. Both ships are based at Simon’s Town.

SAS Outeniqua is an unusual ship with an interesting history. Built as the Alexandr Sledzuk as a Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro-Ro) general cargo vessel with ice-breaking capability, she was launched on 6 September 1991 at the Kherson Shipyard in Ukraine.

The ship was completed on 3 April 1992 but transferred to the Shipping Company Akva Limited and registered with Lloyds Register as Juvent the following day.

After a mere 12 months in operation as a civilian vessel, the ship was offered up for sale and purchased on behalf of the SA Navy as SAS Outeniqua on 8 July 1993. The ship takes her name from the Outeniqua mountain range running parallel to the coast of the southern Cape, which in turn was named after the Outeniqua Khoekhoen people who lived there.

After minor modifications the ship was commissioned into the SA Navy as SAS Outeniqua on 8 July 1993. A further refit in 1994 saw modifications to the hangar and flight deck as well as the addition of replenishment at sea (RAS) gear and light armaments in order to fulfil her role as a combat support vessel.

SAS Outeniqua was originally built as an Arctic supply vessel and has an ice-breaking capability of 1 metre ice at a constant speed of 1.5 knots and can operate in temperatures ranging from +58° C to -40° C.

She is able to carry some 7,000 tonnes of cargo consisting of refrigerated cargo, containers, breakbulk and palletised cargo. Four heavy lift cranes ensure that she is totally self-sufficient to handle this cargo. The Ro-Ro capability facilitates the loading and discharge of wheeled vehicles, making SAS Outeniqua one of the most versatile vessels in the SA Navy. She is equipped to carry fuel and carry out replenishment at sea.

SAS Outeniqua has a military lift capability enabling her to carry two Delta boats, and SA Army hardware required during deployments as part of a Peace Keeping or Peace Support Force. The ship is also equipped to carry two Oryx military helicopters.
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