Cruise ship SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE cancels cruise after being caught in cyclone

Mar 7, 2007
Author: P&S

Living up to its name, the cruise ship SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE had an adventurous time of it when caught in cyclone Gamede east of Madagascar last week. This turned out to be not an adventure that many of the passengers on board would have greatly appreciated – from all accounts the storm tossed the ship about to the extent that furniture and even a grand piano were thrown loose in the public areas.

The SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE is now owned and managed by UK-group Saga Cruises and is the former BERLIN of Peter Deilmannn Reederei, the German cruise operator who also owns and operates the DEUTSCHLAND.

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE’s current cruise in the Indian Ocean ended abruptly as the ship was caught on the fringes of the cyclone resulting in a decision to make for the shelter of the nearest appropriate port – in this case Antsiranana in northern Madagascar.

Spirit of Adventure at Istanbul in January this year, photographed by Brian Fisher and courtesy

It was discovered here that rope had entangled the propeller resulting in some underwater complications. The ship has now been booked into the Durban dry dock where she is due tomorrow (Thursday).

Meanwhile with the cruise officially cancelled Saga Cruises made arrangements to fly the 250 passengers to the capital Antananarivo from where they could return to the UK. This proved quite a difficult task in itself as there are no large aircraft in the port city of Antsiranana and passengers had to be ferried in relays using smaller airplanes.



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