Dar es Salaam ship movements

May 19, 2009
Author: Sheila Hutson


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Ships in port at Dar es Salaam

Privateer, Comarco 183, Amanzi, Jaipur, Ioanis Princess, MV Ava, Alexandra T, Sea Horse, Levante, Tanya, MSC Eagle, Kota Hapas, Buraq 1, Faith, Baraka, Zoulifikar, Mariam, Treize Rajabu, LCT Sahara 11, Pacific Turquoise, Tawariq 1

Ships at outer anchorage


Ships Due at Dar es Salaam on following dates

19/05/09 CMCHaraka, Global Progress, Marwan H
20/05/09 Jolly Verde, Alioth Leader, Grand Fortune, Kuwana, Mantenha, Mt Priya
21/05/09 PAC Antilia, Delmas Nacala, Bright Star
22/05/09 Elbe Trader, MSC Zanzibar, Jag Pushan
23/05/09 H&H Wave, Trust Europe, Safmarine Europa
24/05/09 CSAV Rio Grande, Puffin
25/05/09 Grand Choice, CMA CGM Serengeti
26/05/09 Grand Mark, Prominent Ace
27/05/09 Donetsk
28/05/09 Morning Champion, Feng Shun Shan
30/05/09 Trapeze
31/05/09 Maersk Constellation, Gao Qiang

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Ships in port at Tanga


Ships Due at Tanga on following dates


for more information contact the Harbourmaster, PO Box 443 Tanga. Tel (255) 27 264 3078; Fax (255) 27 264 2360. Email pmtanga@tanzaniaports.com

Ship movements at Mtwara (Lake Victoria)

Please contact the Port Master

Mr. W. Mpiri, P.O.Box 530, Tel: (255) 59-333125, Fax: (255) 59-333153,
Telex: 56076 THAMTW TZ, e-mail: pmmtwara@tanzaniaports.com

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