Dar es Salaam ship movements

Sep 9, 2008
Author: P&S


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Ships in port at Dar es Salaam

Ham 1400, Shoka, Amazi, Tanya Ranger, Donetsk, Power Ranger, Royal Zanzibar, PAC Antlia, X-Press Kilimanjaro, Buraq 1, Black Tiger, Ile d Anjouan, Alliance, Zoulifikar, Al d Jabar, PRO Diamond

Ships at outer anchorage


Ships Due at Dar es Salaam on following dates

08/09/08 Maendeleo, Hibiscus One
09/09/08 Comarco 182
10/09/08 Morning Menad, Magic Sky, Hansa Stavanger, Morning Power
11/09/08 Heian
12/09/08 Safmarine Asia, Arnis, Kapitan Maslov, Torm Freya, OXL Lotus, Vema Oil, Diana Scan, Sea Life
13/09/08 Delmas Zambia
14/09/08 Jolly Rosso, Kety II, Fonarun Naree, Kota Hening
15/09/08 Danica Red
19/09/08 Pacific Recovery, MSC Federica
20/09/08 CMA CGM Maasai, TS Colombo

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Ships in port at Tanga


Ships Due at Tanga on following dates

for more information contact the Harbourmaster, PO Box 443 Tanga. Tel (255) 27 264 3078; Fax (255) 27 264 2360. Email pmtanga@tanzaniaports.com

Ship movements at Mtwara (Lake Victoria)

Please contact the Port Master

Mr. W. Mpiri, P.O.Box 530, Tel: (255) 59-333125, Fax: (255) 59-333153,
Telex: 56076 THAMTW TZ, e-mail: pmmtwara@tanzaniaports.com

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