Dar es Salaam ship movements

Jul 22, 2008
Author: P&S


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Ships in port at Dar es Salaam

Magic Sky, Fu Quan Kou, Marine Bulker, MSC Stefania,
Lissy Schulte, Maendeleo, Tor, New Happy, LCT Sahara II

Ships at outer anchorage

Dk-II (24/03/08), Meisa –I (19/06/08), Anne Scan (18/07/08).

Ships Due at Dar es Salaam on following dates

21/07/08 Roelof, Terrier, Jolly Rosso, Johanna Russ, Delmas Twiga, Kota Hapas, Torm Kansas, Semlow, Comarco 183.
22/07/08 Navios Hios, Mantenha, Buraq-I
23/07/08 AS Mars, Kota Abad, Safmarine Concord, Zoe Glory
24/07/08 Siteam Tiger, Delms Zambia
25/07/08 TS Colombo, Ocean Dignity
26/07/08 Hugli Spirit, MSC Federica, Sea Navigator
27/07/08 Monte Casino
29/07/08 Asian Beauty
30/07/08 Global Prosperity, Jolly Bianco
31/07/08 Jolly Verde
01/08/08 Sea Hope
02/08/08 Arnis
05/08/08 United Asian
08/08/08 Morning Cornet, Grand Ruby, CMA-CGM Simba
09/08/08 Dream Diamond
11/08/08 Trapezitsa

List compiled by C Bonser

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Ships in port at Tanga


Ships Due at Tanga on following dates

for more information contact the Harbourmaster, PO Box 443 Tanga. Tel (255) 27 264 3078; Fax (255) 27 264 2360. Email pmtanga@tanzaniaports.com

Ship movements at Mtwara (Lake Victoria)

Please contact the Port Master

Mr. W. Mpiri, P.O.Box 530, Tel: (255) 59-333125, Fax: (255) 59-333153,
Telex: 56076 THAMTW TZ, e-mail: pmmtwara@tanzaniaports.com

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