Ships in port and vessels due at the port of Dar es Salaam

May 13, 2008


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Ships in port at Dar es Salaam on 12/05/08

Salina, Aziza II, Privateer, Comarco 183, Ketty II, Arnis, MSC Namibia, AS Mars, New Happy, Maendeleo, Alliance, Shisssiwani, Ioanna, Sarah-1, Okhotsk Sea, Sakura Princess

Ships at outer anchorage

Shareen, DK-II, X-Press Kilimanjaro, Meisa 1, Cape Andreas, CMA CGM Victoria, Despina P

Ships Due in Dar es Salaam on following dates

12/05/08 MOL Utility, Kapitan Maslov, Hudson River, Global Producer, Kota Abad
13/05/08 Figaro
14/05/08 Jolly Rosso, Asha Ashik, Scan Brazil
15/05/08 MSC Stefania
17/05/08 Morning Sapphire, Zoe Glory
18/05/08 MSC Emilia S
21/05/08 TSgt John C Chapman
23/05/08 New Legend Harvest
25/05/08 Kate, MOL Ultimate, Oriental 2
26/05/08 Asian Beauty, Jolly Bianco, Fushini

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