Dar es Salaam ship movements

Sep 26, 2007
Author: P&S


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Ships in port at Dar es Salaam on 26/09/07

Barge Noremco
Black Tiger
Meisa 1
Diana Star
Sujitra Naree
Global Prosperity
Doxa D
MSC Lucia
Terra Bona
New Happy
Comarco 183
Vladimir Kokkinaki

Ships at outer anchorage

DK11, MSC Aurora, Maersk Alabama, MSC Borneo, MacAndrews Twiga, Delmas Seychelles, Torm Sara, Ocean Trader, Emirates Meru, KMC Rhino / Comarco 331, Overseas Rima

Ships Due in Dar es Salaam on following dates

26/09/07 Rigoletto, Jolly Marrone
27/09/07 Red Sea, Emirates Jumeirah, Orion
28/09/07 Emirates Karan, Global Producer
29/09/07 Pioneer Leader, Emirates Gondwana, Vega Diamond
30/09/07 Trade Wind, Antreas, Jolly Turchese, Eber
01/10/07 Oribi, Kota Hapas, WO Noroc
02/10/07 Asian Trader, Kota Mawar, Wappen von Bremen
03/10/07 Fesco Angara
04/10/07 TS Nagoya, As-Mars
05/10/07 CMA CGM Simba, Ariston, Hermann Scan
06/10/07 MSC Sudan, Al-Waaliyu
07/10/07 Kota Hakim, High Endurance
10/10/07 MSC Himalaya, Valeria
11/10/07 Trust Bridge, Courageous Ace
13/10/07 Morning Concert, Sheila McDevitt
14/10/07 Capricorn Ace
18/10/07 Navajo Princess
19/10/07 MacAndrews Swala
21/10/07 MOL Rise

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