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May 21, 2010
Author: Terry Hutson

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Transnet strike continues as Satawu digs in heels over extra 2 percent

SATAWU announced a short while ago (Friday afternoon, 21 May) that it has rejected an offer of a 11 percent increase by Transnet and says that its members will continue on strike at South Africa’s national ports as well as on the railways and pipelines. Satawu members are demanding they receive at least a 13 percent increase.

Yesterday a sister union, UTATU indicated its willingness to accept the Transnet offer, but Transnet management declined to allow the union to formalise any agreement until a decision had been announced by Satawu.

The strike began two weeks ago on Monday 10 May and is turning into one of the longest and most expensive on record to affect the national transort company

Satawu is also holding firm over an agreement with PRASA which could lift the strike on passenger trains, where once again Utatu has agreed to return to work while Satawu is holding out for more money.

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