Breaking news.... Released tanker Maran Centaurus arrives off Durban

Jan 28, 2010
Author: Terry Hutson

Breaking news....

The giant Greek-owned tanker MARAN CENTAURUS (300,294-dwt) which was recently at the centre of drama when Somali pirates ransomed the ship and crew for a record USD7 million, has arrived off Durban where the vessel is currently taking supplies in the outer anchorage.

The VLCC, with a crew of 28 on board was captured by Somali pirates on 29 November while 600 nautical miles east of the Seychelles and was forced to sail to the Somali coast while negotiations for a ransom were put in motion. The ship is carrying a full cargo in excess of two million barrels of oil.

While the amount of ransom paid had not been confirmed, it is believed that an amount of USD7m was involved. The money was dropped into the sea next to the ship and the tanker released into the custody of a waiting UN warship which escorted the Maran Centaurus out of the area. The supertanker then headed south for Durban, where she arrived overnight.

Shortly after the ransom was recovered from the sea a fight broke out among the pirate groups, leaving several dead. It is thought the battle was over the division of the spoils.



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