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Dec 8, 2009
Author: Terry Hutson

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  • Richards Bay dry bulk and multipurpose terminals to combine

  • BIMCO calls on international governments to recommit against piracy

  • Trade News: Kuehne + Nagel awarded three-year contract for automotive parts and accessories warehousing and distribution

  • Intertanko calls for naval support in West Africa

  • Cruise ship was not attacked by pirates, says Costa Cruises

  • News clips – Keeping it brief

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  • Pic of the day – SHIRAZ and NEFTEGAZ-61



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    The anchor handling tug CAPTAIN JOHN K (1731-gt, built 2009) assisting rigging one of the anchor chains of the rig PRIDE SOUTH PACIFIC at A-berth in Cape Town harbour. Picture by Aad Noorland

    Richards Bay dry bulk and multipurpose terminals to combine

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    a section of the Richards Bay DBT and MPT terminals, now combined Picture courtesy TNPA

    Richards Bay Dry Bulk and Multipurpose terminals will operate under a single management team in future, as part of the restructuring of management introduced by
    Transnet Port Terminals.

    Nospipho Damasane, TPT’s chief operating officer said last week that the port had two bulk terminals with often the same customers who until now had to talk to two sets of managers. It made sense therefore to pool the management team into a single entity as one terminal with a single management.

    Former business unit executive at TPT Saldanha Multipurpose Terminal, Ben Khonyane has been appointed as business unit executive at the now combined Richards Bay terminals.

    “It was previously not an optimal way of doing business,” Damasane said, “but now we can have a single train arriving into a single terminal and with shipping we can make better use of available berths.”

    She said Richards Bay was going to get the attention it requires. The combined Richards Bay terminal currently handles 18 million tonnes of cargo annually, but according to TPT this can be increased to 21mt simply by refurbishing and restoring capacity.

    There is also a focus on improved maintenance at TPT’s Richards Bay terminal, which handles a variety of bulk commodities including steel and granite. Damasane described Richards Bay as having a unique terminal which remained multi-purposed. International terminals were usually single commodity focused, she said, such as iron ore or manganese, whereas at Richards Bay a number of different specialised mineral commodities were handled.

    BIMCO calls on international governments to recommit against piracy

    Bimco’s Executive Committee has endorsed statements from the IMO calling on international governments to recognise their obligation to provide protection for shipping by means of appropriate strategies and the presence of adequate naval forces.

    “Now that the threat of piracy has expanded far into the Indian Ocean, Bimco will reinforce this position whenever, and wherever, it can,” Bimco said in a statement.

    “Bimco has been exploring a range of options beyond those currently in hand but has decided that any future strategic options must involve Governments and their navies and that all future options must be established through those navies involved as primus inter pares, whatever potential solutions are identified. Bimco will continue therefore to explore all options and is interested in speaking to all and any stakeholder involved in addressing potential solutions.”

    Bimco added that it cannot “progress concrete options until nation states involved identify and implement the necessary legal framework to arrest and prosecute pirates successfully.

    “Bimco remains of the position that UNCLOS and SUA 1988 provide all the necessary instruments for Governments to enact appropriate legislation and implement and enforce it - as this in turn will go a long way to deter piracy”.

    Trade News: Kuehne + Nagel awarded three-year contract for automotive parts and accessories warehousing and distribution

    Johannesburg - Kuehne + Nagel has been awarded a contract to manage the BMW South Africa Parts and Accessories Distribution Centre in Midrand. From the facility, parts are distributed to the whole of South Africa as well as to five neighbouring countries.

    At the end of 2008, Kuehne + Nagel was awarded a contract to manage part of the BMW-operated logistics facility in Midrand. After this successful transition, the decision to outsource the entire Midrand distribution operation was made by the management board of BMW South Africa. Following a rigorous tender process, Kuehne + Nagel was awarded a three-year contract to manage the entire national parts distribution centre.

    The scope of services that Kuehne + Nagel will be providing consists of receiving, inventory control, picking & packing, handling of dangerous goods and value-added services, such as pre-packaging and returns handling of BMW automotive parts and accessories.

    The 16,500m² facility is owned by BMW and holds around 50,000 stock-keeping units. After the current implementation phase Kuehne + Nagel will cooperate with BMW on the continuous improvement of the car manufacturer’s supply chain processes in order to increase productivity and improve cost efficiency, introducing new tools such as the Kuehne + Nagel Production System.

    This important business extension is further evidence of the strong partner¬ship with the BMW Group on a global level. Kuehne + Nagel currently provides services from inbound to production and aftermarket logistics as well as reverse logistics in five countries, at twelve different locations, for the BMW Group.

    “We are honoured that BMW has awarded the complete outsourcing of yet another of its facilities to Kuehne + Nagel and has placed its trust in our portfolio of integrated services,” said Andre van Rensburg, National Manager of Kuehne + Nagel South Africa. “We believe these services will greatly benefit the continuous optimisation of BMW's supply chain.”

    With approximately 55,000 employees at 900 locations in over 100 countries, the Kuehne + Nagel Group is one of the world's leading logistics companies. Its strong market position lies in the seafreight, airfreight, contract logistics and overland businesses, with a clear focus on providing IT-based supply chain management services.

    Intertanko calls for naval support in West Africa

    The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (Intertanko) wants action to be taken in combating piracy off West Africa. The organisation says it is shocked and appalled by the report about the chief officer of the tanker CANCALE STAR who lost his life during a recent pirate attack off Cotonou (24 November).

    “Intertanko notes with deep concern the continuing violent piracy activity in the Gulf of Guinea, particularly off Nigeria and Benin,” the group said. “This situation must not continue unchecked. We appreciate the huge commitment and dedication by naval forces to date in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia, and the commitment made by the countries bordering the Singapore Straits to combat piracy, but action also needs to be taken off West Africa.

    “We call on the nations of the world to unite and work together against the scourge of piracy, not just in this region but globally. This may be through diplomatic efforts, and/or through helping to increase the provision of naval forces or other assets in the region, in order to protect our shipping lanes so that these vital arteries can continue unhindered to carry the world’s trade,” Intertanko said.

    Cruise ship was not attacked by pirates, says Costa Cruises

    Indian shipping authorities denied reports at the weekend that the Italian cruise ship COSTA ROMANTICA, which is schedule to begin a cruise season operating out of Port Louis, Mauritius later this month, had been attacked by pirates off the Oman coast. The story which appears to have been a form of hoax came from an Goan seafarer on board who phoned his brother to say the ship was at anchor and surrounded by pirates.

    India’s Directorate General of Shipping issued a statement on Sunday denying the reports saying it had verified the matter with the owners of the ship, Costa Cruises who assured them that the vessel was safe and able to sail on schedule from Oman. No highjacking attempt had been made on the vessel which is carrying 1,356 passengers and 610 crew.

    EU’s NAVFOR reported yesterday that 11 suspected pirates were in detention with the Seychellois coastguard after the French patrol frigate FNS FLOREAL intercepted several pirate boats 250 n.miles northwest of Victoria in the Seychelles. The French warship, accompanied by the Seychellois patrol vessel TOPAZ took the eleven Somalis into custody and afterwards destroyed the boats.

    In another incident the Teekay Capesize crude oil tanker NORDIC SPIRIT (151,294-DWT, built 2001) came under attack from pirates in the Gulf of Aden but managed to evade being highjacked thanks to the timely arrival of Indian Navy helicopters. There were no injuries on board the tanker.

    In yet another incident a Dutch navy ship has taken 13 pirates into custody off the coast of Oman after they unsuccessfully attempted to highjack the projects cargo vessel BBC TOGO (6,569-gt, built 2007) at the weekend. The German ship was able to beat off the attackers who were in several motor boats, despite coming under fire from the pirates, who later broke off the engagement and transferred to a larger fishing vessel in the area. With the arrival of the Dutch warship the fishing boat and smaller motor boats were captured and a large quantity of arms and ammunition was discovered. It hasn’t been announced what is being done with the captured pirates.

    News clips – Keeping it brief

    Perlemoen ban lifted

    A two-year ban of perlemoen (abalone) fishing has been lifted by the South African Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. This follows the transfer of the fisheries sector from the department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism soon after President Jacob Zuma came into office, when he announced that fishing was an economic activity and not an environmental issue. Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry minister Tina Joemat-Petterssen said the ban was not working and poaching remained out of control. “We lift the ban conditionally,” she said.


    Nile River ferries collide

    Two Nile River passenger ferries have collided in northern Egypt and over 80 people were reported missing last Friday, according to Egyptian authorities. Three bodies had been recovered and there were at least 12 survivors.

    Pic of the day – SHIRAZ and NEFTEGAZ-61

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    SHIRAZ, the 35,000-DWT former Australian Navy tanker Westralia departed Cape Town under tow behind the Russian tug NEFTEGAZ-61 (below) at the weekend, bound, so it is believed, for the breaker’s yard in Turkey. Pictures by Ian Shiffman

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