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Feb 24, 2009
Author: Terry Hutson

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  • First View – PENTOW SALVOR

  • Grindrod enters R274 million broad based black economic empowerment transaction

  • Calling all Heavy Vehicle Operators and related industry stakeholder

  • Much needed upgrade for Port of Luanda

  • Tristan da Cunha gets a big lift – crane delivered

  • Somali pirates strike again

  • Pics of the day – MSC LEVINA and MONA LISA


    First View – PENTOW SALVOR

    Smit’s offshore service vessel PENTOW SALVOR (991-gt, built 1982) on her berth in Cape Town, with the usual mountain background obscured by yesterday’s veld fires which left a pall of smoke across the Mother City. Picture by Aad Noorland

    Grindrod enters R274 million broad based black economic empowerment transaction

    Grindrod Limited, the JSE listed shipping and logistics business, yesterday announced and signed a Broad based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) transaction involving 25% plus one share of its subsidiary, Grindrod (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

    The new BBBEE shareholders are Calulo Petrochemicals (Pty) Ltd (15%), with whom Grindrod already has a relationship through its coastal shipping and bunkering operations, and Adopt-a-School Foundation (10%).

    The transaction involves new equity to the value of R274 million.

    “We have a successful business relationship with Calulo and have already partnered with them in our South African marine bunkering and coastal shipping operation,” said Alan Olivier, Grindrod Lmited’s CEO. He said that Adopt-a-School fitted very well with Grindrod’s social responsibility focus which has always been to support education initiatives.

    “This is the first such transaction to be concluded by the Adopt-a-School Foundation and will ultimately create sustainability for Adopt-a-School, whose current model relies entirely on donations from third parties.”

    Olivier said the transaction will ultimately result in a capital profit to the Foundation if it chooses to dispose of its investment in Grindrod (South Africa) after the ten year lock-in period.

    Calulo is a black owned and controlled company which has developed a focused investment and operational niche in the oil and chemicals sectors and in the related bulk logistics services area and is in its tenth year of operation.

    “We believe that pooling our resources will realise numerous commercial synergies over and above the achievement of an acceptable BBBEE status for Grindrod South Africa and we look forward to growing the Grindrod SA operation with them,” said Calulo chairman, Mkshuseli Faku.

    The transaction was largely vendor financed by Grindrod, with the exception of an own equity contribution by Calulo. The financing of Adopt-a-School’s share of the transaction is by way of an interest free loan of R10 million from Grindrod to remain in place for the full lock-in period of ten years and is based on a market related rate appropriate to such a transaction. All disposals of shares in Grindrod South Africa by the BBBEE partners are subject to pre-emptive rights in favour of Grindrod.

    Grindrod (South Africa) includes the majority of Grindrod Limited’s 100% owned South African based operations, of which the following businesses in particular are part: Grindrod Terminals, Grindrod Intermodal and Grindrod Logistics.

    From left to right Donné Nicol, Director of Adopt-a-School, Mkhuseli Faku, Chairman of Calulo, and Dave Rennie, Managing Director Grindrod Freight Services and Director of Grindrod Limited.

    Calling all Heavy Vehicle Operators and related industry stakeholder

    The National Department of Transport (NDoT) intends holding a series of workshops on the Road Transport Management System (RTMS) to be staged at Durban, Nelspruit and Midrand. The workshops will have appeal to heavy transport operators, consignees, consignors and industry associations.

    The notification issued yesterday reads:

    In support of the present Self Regulation Initiatives by the Heavy Vehicle Transport Industry, the Department is inviting all Heavy Vehicle Operators, Consignors, Consignees, Industry Associations and interested Stakeholders to attend a Workshop on the Road Transport Management System (RTMS), ARP 067 Part 1 – 3, A Recommended Practice and the future/possible National Standards for the Road Transport Industry.

    The Workshops shall be in the form of presentations (RTMS Case Studies for existing initiatives). There will be questions and discussions with the respective Industry Representatives, the RTMS Committee Members and other stakeholders. There are no fees payable to attend these workshops, however space is limited. Interested companies are requested to RSVP as soon as possible.

    Please send your registration forms or direct any enquires to Prasanth Mohan, MohanP@dot.gov.za, contact number 082 412 8226. Note, a limited number of copies of the RTMS Standards will be given for free at the workshops.

    Venue 1: Protea Hotel, Karridene, Old South Coast Road, 3 March 2009

    Venue 2: Bundu Country Lodge, Rockydrift, Nelspruit , 17 March 2009

    Venue 3: Gallagher Estate, Gallagher 3, Midrand, 20 March 2009

    Note: Please register early as all Workshops shall start promptly at 09h00

    Extract from “The Road Transport Management System (RTMS) Strategy”

    RTMS is an industry–led, government-supported, voluntary, self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors & road transport operators to implement a management system (a set of standards) that demonstrates compliance with the Road Traffic Regulations and contributes to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety & increasing productivity.

    Key components or focus areas are:
    load optimisation
    driver wellness
    vehicle maintenance

    The RTMS will offer support for implementation of the following:

    National standards
    Auditors (accredited by SANAS)
    Tools (manuals, templates, implementation guidelines)
    Information portals (website, data sharing)
    Recognition and concessions
    Promotion (brand promotion to create meaningful recognition among public and industry stakeholders)
    Special projects (selected by the RTMS stakeholders and are aligned to RTMS objectives)
    Research and technology innovation e.g. Vehicle Designs

    Much needed upgrade for Port of Luanda

    A US$105 million uplift for Angola’s port of Luanda will assist with the port’s transformation into a more cost-effective and efficient operation, says the port authority’s chief executive.

    According to Silvio Vinhas, the man in charge of the state-owned port authority, delays and congestion in the port have been a cause of sharply rising costs of goods entering the country. Luanda is regarded as one of African most expensive cities. The aim of the restructuring and revamp is to increase the number of working hours for cargo operators and to improve the state of roads leading to the port.

    He said a system of increased fines for companies who do not remove containers timeously from the port would be introduced, a move that is aimed at improving terminal turnover and turnaround ahead of the development of a larger more modern container terminal at Dande, to the north of Angola’s capital. Approximately 20,000 containers await collection at the port’s container terminal at any one time, according to local newspaper reports.

    He said the modernisation plan would bring positive results although it wasn’t expected that all delays would disappear until the new terminal was built as traffic volumes remained high.

    Luanda is expected to handle 6.6 million tonnes of cargo during 2009, a 10% increase on 2008.

    Tristan da Cunha gets a big lift – crane delivered

    Cape Town-based Petrel Engineering, part of the Elgin Group of companies, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a heavy duty barge launch and recovery crane for the island of Tristan da Cunha.

    Petrel became involved in the project following an inquiry from Ivor Mumford of The Apple Group of companies, after the original tracked mobile crane used to launch the barge which services the island, was damaged in APRIL LAST YEAR.

    The crane is an electro-hydraulic fixed gantry type crane with dual crawl beams, each crawl beam able to handle a safe working load of 10 ton and controlled by means of a single control station.

    Both crawl hoists are used in a tandem lift to launch and recover the barge which has an operational mass of 17 tons.

    20ft ISO containers can also be handled by means of a purpose built spreader beam and smaller cargo items handled by each crawl hoist independently. The span and overall length of the crawl beams are 8m and 19m respectively. The height of lift is 5.2 m and the overall height of the gantry 10.8 metres.

    A 90kW electro-hydraulic power pack drives the crane and is housed in a modified shipping container.

    The crane had to be designed in such a way as to be easily transported to and erected on the island. A purpose built powered pontoon was sourced and supplied by the Apple Group in order to transport the crane components, some of which were 14m in length and 4 tons in mass, from the supply vessel to the shallow draught Calshot harbour of the island.

    Petrel’s team on the island were assisted by specialist riggers from Target Rigging, under the leadership of Neill Rodgers.

    Apple site and project’s Charl Moolman was responsible for the project management of the installation of the gantry crane on the island and the new crane was commissioned last month. - source CBN

    Somali pirates strike again

    Somali pirates served a reminder to international shipping that the presence of strong naval forces in the waters around Somalia was no deterrent when they boarded and highjacked a Greek-owned bulk carrier, SALDANHA (38,88g-gt, built 2004) on Sunday.

    The cargo ship was snatched from under the nose of a British frigate, HMS NORTHHUMBERLAND which later intercepted the course of the captured ship but did not intervene for fear of harming the 22 crew on board.

    HMS Northumberland’s commanding officer told the BBC that they had noticed the ship altering course away from the prescribed shipping corridor and heading towards Somalia. On investigating they were forced to stand by helplessly as the bulker sailed past the warship on a course for the Somali coast.

    SA Navy to join in anti-piracy patrols

    The latest seizure of a commercial ship off the Horn of Africa occurred shortly after news was released that South Africa is considering sending a warship to join the anti-piracy patrols off the Somali coast.

    At a briefing held in Pretoria last Friday it was revealed that the South African Navy could soon be taking part in patrols off the coast of Somalia. If it is decided to send SA Navy ships – probably one or more of the frigates and maybe a support vessel then their duties will most likely involve the escorting of ships operating to and from South Africa, along the lines of other navies already acting on the region.

    According to a navy spokesman the proposal for SAN involvement derives from Defence Minister Charles Nqukulu’s recent request for an appraisal of the situation off Somalia and how it impacted on South Africa’s maritime position. It was said that South Africa as an African country could not be seen as sitting back and doing nothing while rampant piracy occurred off the north-eastern African coast.

    Pic of the day –MSC LEVINA and MONA LISA

    The 2,880-TEUcontainer ship MSC LEVINA (36,420-gt, built 1989) in Cape Town harbour this month. MSC Levina is one of four sister ships in the MSC fleet, the others being MSC Dymphna, MSC Maya and MSC Sabrina. Picture by Ian Shiffman

    The cruise ship MONA LISA (28,891-GT, BUILT 1966), now operating as the Japanese Peace Boat, was a welcome caller at Cape Town this month. Picture by Ian Shiffman

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