Breaking News - massive fire in Durban Harbour

Sep 18, 2007
Author: P&S

A massive fire broke out this evening at the Island View petrochemical storage facility in Durban Harbour.

The following official news report has been issued by the port authority.

Fire at Island View Port of Durban

At approximately 19:10 this evening we received reports of a road tanker which had caught alight at Island View 4, adjacent to the Bulk Connections site. The emergency response plan for the Island View Complex involving Durban Metro, Transnet National Ports Authority Fire and Emergency Services and Ambulance Services was immediately activated. Despite efforts to contain the blaze, the fire spread to three storage tanks in the Island View area.

These emergency services are continuing to fight the fire and a further status report is not available at this time.

Further emergency actions include the evacuation of vessels currently at Island View berths, which should be finalized shortly. Joint Emergency Services have cordoned off the access to the area in the interest of public safety. At this stage key personnel in the immediate vicinity of the Island View area have been evacuated.

At this stage it is not known whether there have been any injuries or casualties.

At the time of this release there were no casualties reported.



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