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Nov 16, 2006
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  • Ambitious SBM upgrade planned for Dar es Salaam

  • Safmarine upgrades its South African shipping services

  • Coega Development Corporation comments on Alcan energy agreement

  • NSRI says no hope of finding missing tug Hawk

  • Tender to be issued for Nacala port refurbishment

  • Djibouti container terminal construction begins

  • Somali dockworkers voice their displeasure

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    Ambitious SBM upgrade planned for Dar es Salaam

    Tanzania Ports Authority is preparing to replace the existing single buoy mooring (SBM) at Dar es Salaam to give access to larger tankers on the offshore facility.

    Costing an estimated US $ 44 million the project will commence in 2008, according to East African media reports. However the TPA is still at the negotiating stage with regards partners in the venture and according to the TPA’s GM, Ephrem Mgawe, joint venture partners will be required to come on board with offers of equity in the project. He said partners could possibly also be involved with managing the project and could look to recovering their investment within ten years.

    Dar es Salaam’s present SBM is placed south of the port. In addition to Tanzania’s own requirements, the SBM handles oil imports for neighbouring countries such as Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. The new SBM will be capable of handling crude and refined liquids.

    The TPA says it also intends dredging the approaches to Dar es Salaam harbour as well as widening the port entrance and attending to the strengthening of the berths and to acquiring new cargo handling infrastructure. The decision to go ahead with these projects has become possible since the government decided against privatising the ports of Tanzania.

    Safmarine upgrades its South African shipping services

    Safmarine has announced upgrades for several of its existing shipping services from South Africa.

    The AMEX (America Express Service) service between Southern Africa and North America is set to return to a fixed day, weekly service; and the MESA service between the Middle East and South Africa will be boosted with additional capacity – in particular reefer capacity.

    “The addition of an eighth vessel on the South Africa–North America service will restore schedule reliability while the deployment of a fourth vessel on the current three-vessel MESA service will provide new opportunities for Eastern Cape exporters, says Alex de Bruyn, Safmarine’s South Africa Trades Executive

    “The inclusion of a direct call at Port Elizabeth on the export leg is an important enhancement as the additional call will provide exporters – particularly Eastern Cape fruit shippers – with a more reliable product on the growing trade between South Africa and the Middle East/Indian Subcontinent.”

    Safmarine says that both the MESA and AMEX services are expected to provide improved schedule integrity as a result of the deployment of additional tonnage.

    Details of the adjusted services are as follows:

    MESA (Middle East/South Africa)

  • Existing three vessel service to be replaced by four vessels as of 19 November
  • Revised port rotation: Durban - Port Elizabeth - Salalah – Durban
  • Service operated jointly by Safmarine and Maersk Line

    AMEX (America Express – South Africa/North America)
  • Service operated by Safmarine in conjunction with Maersk Line and MSC
  • Existing seven vessel service to be upgraded with deployment of an eight vessel, the MSC China
  • Partner space allocation remains unchanged
  • Revised port rotation for the AMEX service will come into effect at the end of November/early December 2006 with the sailing of the Safmarine Illovo (Voyage no S011)
  • The amended AMEX port rotation will be as follows: Durban - Cape Town - Newark - Baltimore - Norfolk - North Charleston - Freeport - Cape Town – Port Elizabeth – Durban

    Coega Development Corporation comments on Alcan energy agreement

    The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) says it welcomes the announcement by the Department of Trade and Industry that the energy deal between Eskom and the global aluminium giant Alcan will be signed next week.

    This comes as yet another bold step towards realising the $ 2.7 billion Coega Aluminium Smelter, said the marketing organisation. (See our Wednesday News Bulletin 15 November 2006 ‘Energy decision may bring Coega smelter a step closer’)

    The CDC said in a statement yesterday that the supply of reliable and cost-effective energy has always been a critical component of the project. “We are delighted to hear about the recent developments around energy; and this will surely communicate a positive message to foreign investors about the competitiveness of the Coega IDZ.

    “However, the energy deal is one among other preliminary requirements in the negotiations pipeline for the smelter, though very significant. The CDC will continue to work with all the parties concerned, including government, Alcan, Transnet and Eskom to bring finality to the negotiations.”

    NSRI says no hope in finding missing tug Hawk

    The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) says there is now little hope of finding any further trace of the missing utility tug Hawk, which disappeared last week while en route between Richards Bay and Cape Town.

    Hawk was carrying a crew of four who are now presumed to have gone down with their ship. The only trace of the missing vessel came in the form of a life raft that washed up on the beach north of Shelly Beach in southern KwaZulu Natal and a life vest that was found in the sea about 5km from Port Shepstone, which is also a little north of Shelly Beach.

    It is now assumed that the vessel sank due to unknown reasons off the southern KwaZulu Natal coast near Port Shepstone and not further south near Port St Johns. The owner of the Hawk has speculated that the vessel was either run over by another larger ship or was overwhelmed by one of the giant waves for which the stretch of coast between Richards Bay and Port St Johns is infamous. He said the crew had not transmitted any signal indicating they were in trouble nor had they made use of cellular equipment they were carrying.

    There have been no reports of a ship having collided with another off the coast in the period concerned.

    Meanwhile the missing crew has been named – they are Andrew Jegels (51), from Mossel Bay, Thierry Gombuka (38) and Moegamed Borsardien (55), both from Cape Town, and Bruce Shane Van Wyk (30), from Port Elizabeth.

    Tender to be issued for Nacala port refurbishment

    A tender has been issued for the refurbishment of the port of Nacala in northern Mozambique, according to the CPI Mozambique Investors Intelligence bulletin.

    Nacala’s port executive director Agostinho Langa Junior said that preparations for the tender are in an advanced stage. The planned rehabilitation will cost an estimated US $ 8 million covering components within the port’s terminals.

    The bulletin also reports that interest in using Nacala by Malawi importers and exporters is growing steadily. The port’s private operator, Corredor de Desenvolvimento do Norte (CDN) is negotiating major projects with three Malawian companies, which CDN says will significantly boost traffic volumes in the port (and equally also along the privatised railway from Nacala to Malawi operated by the same company).

    The port of Nacala anticipates handling 900,000 tones of cargo plus 45,000 containers this year (which would increase the port’s total volume to about 1.5 million tonnes – P&S).

    The Malawian companies planning to invest in infrastructure in the port include Illovo Sugar which hopes to export 150,000 tonnes of sugar per annum through Nacala as from 2008.

    The other two companies involved in discussions with CDN are in the wheat and cement industries.

    - source MCLI/CPI Mozambique Investors Intelligence

    Djibouti container terminal construction begins

    Construction of a the new US $ 400 million Doraleh Container Terminal at the Red Sea port of Djibouti has begun.

    The terminal, which will be operated by DP World, the UAE-based terminal operator, is expected to be completed during 2008 by which time it will boost Djibouti’s existing 400,000-TEU capacity by a further 1.5 million TEU.

    The new terminal is 11km from the existing port and is to be linked with the Djibouti – Ethiopia railway and road network.

    DP World already operates the existing port terminals – Djibouti handled 10mt of cargo last year including 400,000 TEU, mostly for Ethiopia.

    Somali dockworkers voice their displeasure

    Shabelle Media Network reports of a protest by about 2,000 stevedores which took place outside the port of Mogadishu in Somalia. The dockworkers who were protesting over a labour dispute, formerly worked in the neighbouring port of El Maan while Mogadishu was closed to shipping.

    The Islamic Courts Union, the de facto rulers of much of central and southern Somalia ever since they drove out the warlords who had made Somalia ungovernable for more than a decade, promised to look into the reasons for the dispute and find solutions.

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