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Jul 20, 2006
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  • International alert for container ship Umfolozi

  • SA-bound box ship has flooded hold

  • Saldanha iron ore terminal prepares for annual shut down

  • Ongoing Luanda congestion brings increased surcharges

  • Somali pirates release tanker and crew

  • US does not require ship lists before sailing

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    International alert for container ship Umfolozi

    A container ship, the former Ocean Africa Container Lines Umfolozi, which sank in Walvis Bay harbour in September last year after a collision with a South African dredger the Ingwenya, has escaped the attention of the law and a detention order in Walvis Bay by slipping away from the port last Saturday.

    According to the Windhoek newspaper The Namibian, the container ship Umfolozi, now renamed Michael S, made its escape on Saturday and is thought to have reached Angolan waters.

    Two security guards stationed on board the vessel, which was recently sold to a new owner, were locked in a room and later evicted from the ship as she sailed. Earlier the crew had come on board on a pretext.

    Umfolozi had been on charter to Ocean Africa Container Lines and deployed on the Durban – West Coast service when she sank at her moorings after colliding with the dredger in the port approaches. After managing to get back to port and coming alongside one of the container berths the vessel sank until her bottom came to rest on the harbour bed, leaving her decks under water at high tide.

    A salvage team eventually refloated the vessel and repairs were carried out, however the National Ports Authority of South Africa brought an order through the Namibian High Court against the owners and agents of the vessel on account of the damage caused to the dredger in the collision.

    Ingwenya was not badly damaged and has been repaired.

    According to the website Equasis the vessel’s classification status has been suspended by Germanischer Lloyd and not reinstated – presumably on account of the sinking and subsequent repairs. However the owner of the vessel is still shown as being St Piran Shipping of Cyprus which is out of date. After refloating the 8,328-gt ship, which was built in 1982, was renamed Michael S and sold to a Alexander Saleh, who is reportedly a Greek citizen.

    The newspaper says that Saleh flew out of Namibia on Saturday, the same day his ship also ‘did a duck’ and headed for Angolan waters.

    The Namibian Defence Force is cooperating with its Angolan counterparts in an effort to discover the whereabouts of the ship and vessels of the Angolan and Namibian Navies are searching for the ship.

    - source The Namibian

    SA-bound box ship has flooded hold

    Ports & Ships received an unconfirmed report last night (Wednesday) that a container ship en route from South East Asia to Durban has taken water and is flooded in at least one hold.

    A number of containers in the hold are understood to be fully submersed. The ship, which is thought to belong to MISC line, is not reported to be in any immediate danger.

    Saldanha iron ore terminal prepares for annual shut down

    A SA Port Operations spokesman at the port of Saldanha has confirmed that the Saldanha iron ore terminal is booked for a provisional shut down between 14 and 21 August, during which no loading operations will take place.

    The shut down is to enable routine maintenance, he advised.

    Ongoing Luanda congestion brings increased surcharges

    Ongoing congestion at the Angolan port of Luanda has resulted in further increases in the so-called emergency terminal congestion surcharges levied by member lines of the EWATA Consortium.

    The new surcharge becomes effective as from next Monday, 24 July and will apply from the following sailings:

    Nicolas Delmas 35H ETA Felixstowe 27 July
    Patricia 20E ETA Hamburg 30 July
    Delmas Portugal 18A ETA Lexioes 2 August

    The new surcharges will be:

    EUR 400/600 per 20'/40' container
    GBP 275/410 per 20'/40' container

    The eight member lines of EWATA are CSAV, Delmas, Hapag Lloyd, Libra, Maersk Line, NDS, OT Africa Line and Safmarine.

    Somali pirates release tanker and crew

    The products tanker Lin 1 which was seized by Somali pirates on 29 March has been released along with her crew of 20 Filipinos and allowed to sail.

    The circumstances of the ship’s release have not been made clear but ever since foreign warships began patrolling the coast of Somalia there has been a marked decrease in incidents involving piracy.

    The owners of Lin 1 have been involved in negotiations for the vessel’s release.

    It is not yet clear whether the development at Mogadishu, where the Islamic Court movements has seized power from the warlords who previously occupied most of the city, will bring about an end to these organised and indiscriminate attacks on shipping near the coast. Ships from small fishing vessels and motorized dhows right up to luxury cruise ships have been attacked.

    In another report involving the African coast, but in Luanda on the west coast, four men armed with knives went on board a container ship in the outer anchorage and threatened the duty AB who fortunately managed to escape and raise the alarm. Once the crew began to muster the attackers made off in their wooden boat.

    US does not require ship lists before sailing

    In the Bulletin last week we reported a US government press office release as saying that the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) required all ships heading for the US to provide a list of everyone on board in advance of the vessel leaving the foreign port.

    It now turns out this press release was incorrect – the new regulations relate to aircraft and not ships. However ship masters must continue providing a crew list at least 60 minutes before their vessel leaves any US port.

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