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Jul 10, 2006
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  • Safmarine Agulhas UPDATE

  • ITF World Congress for Durban

  • Migrant alert off West Africa

  • Another EWATA surcharge adjustment

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    Safmarine Agulhas UPDATE

    Weather patterns are continuing to be kind to salvors working on the grounded container ship Safmarine Agulhas, although strong winds which whipped up a heavy swell buffeted the region on Saturday and interrupted salvage operations on several occasions.

    According to eyewitness reports most if not all the containers have been discharged from the ship onto the breakwater and carried away by road transport to an assembly point in the port. Certainly the deck cargo appeared to have been fully cleared although there are probably still some boxes within the holds. According to one West Bank eyewitness the ships lights went out during Saturday night and he reported that the engine room of the vessel had become fully flooded. This could not be confirmed with the salvors or port officials.

    It is known though that the ship was taking water in the engine room and several of the holds. During the heavy winds on Saturday the ship began pivoting quite violently at times several metres on each side and speculation is the hull is taking severe damage.

    ITF World Congress for Durban

    The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) will be holding its first world congress on African soil next month when the 41st world congress is held at the ICC in Durban.

    The ITF, which is the most influential trade union in the world representing the interests of seafarers will be held from 2 to 9 August 2006.

    “The last two congresses affirmed the need to mobilise unions to face the new challenge of global employers and to globalise our responses, building on a worldwide community of transport unions to develop new ways of organising,” said ITF General Secretary David Cockroft.

    He said that the first ever ITF Congress to be held in Africa helped demonstrate that the ITF is a global organisation. “In a world in which employers are working across national borders, unions have to do the same. The congress will adopt a comprehensive programme of practical projects in every region. It will tackle ports of convenience and focus attention on the vital need to tackle the scourge of HIV/Aids among transport workers.”

    The previous congress was held four years ago in Vancouver, Canada.

    Migrant alert off West Africa

    Ships off the West African coast were placed on alert on Friday (7 July) after a large canoe full of migrants was spotted at sea and another was discovered with three dead bodies among a number of other migrants.

    The migrants were thought to be heading for the Canary Islands, where hundreds of other West Africans have flocked ashore in every kind of small craft, smuggled ashore by racketeers or making their own way in the hope of reaching Spain and Europe.

    The large canoe spotted by the Greek bulker Anangel Eternity was later met by a Spanish hospital ship, the Esperanza del Mar and the people on board taken onto the Spanish vessel.

    Another EWATA surcharge adjustment

    Members of the Europe West Africa Trade Agreement (EWATA) liner conference have adjusted the congestion surcharge for several West African ports as from 21 July.

    The ports affected are Luanda in Angola, Tema in Ghana, Lagos (Apapa and Tin Can) in Nigeria, Cotonou in Benin, Malabo in Equatorial Guinea and Dakar in Senegal.

    Details of the new surcharge can be obtained on the EWATA website at http://www.ewata.org/index.php?page=Home

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