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Jan 9, 2006
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  • Seamen appear in court over death of stowaways

  • Greenpeace ship rammed by Japanese whaler

  • Get the crooks out of Mombasa

  • Inchcape sold to UAE company

  • Africa-Chinese trade escalates

  • Clipper Race Update

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    Seamen appear in court over death of stowaways

    The master of the bulker African Kalahari and three of the crew face murder and attempted murder charges following the death of two Tanzanian stowaways who were thrown overboard from the ship in Durban harbour last week.

    The Polish master, Captain Leszkowcz Krzstot-Boguslaw and three Ukrainian seamen, Kuzin Mykola, Kolesnikov Igor and Sergeyev Oleg were charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder in a Durban court on Friday. Each were granted bail of R20,000 subject to reporting daily to the Maydon Wharf police station and they are expected to appear again in court tomorrow (Tuesday).

    Meanwhile the police have recovered the missing bodies of the two stowaways that died. They were found in different areas of Durban Bay with one body showing signs of having been attacked by a shark, with an arm severed.

    The other five stowaways are being held in custody as illegal immigrants and may be used as witnesses in the forthcoming case against the seamen. The ship is also under detention but the owners are believed to be flying relief crew out to Durban to enable her to sail once released.

    Greenpeace ship rammed by Japanese whaler

    The Greenpeace expedition ship Arctic Sunrise was rammed by a Japanese whaling factory vessel, Nisshin Maru in the Southern Ocean yesterday (Sunday 8 January), causing slight damage to the Greenpeace vessel’s bow.

    The Arctic Sunrise was engaged in activities aimed at disrupting the transfer of dead whales from catcher vessels to the factory ship shortly before the ramming took place. Greenpeace vessels have been harassing the Japanese whaling fleet for some weeks in an effort to dissuade the killing of up to 1,000 whales, which the Japanese claim is being done in the ‘interests of science’. Whale meat is a popular food in Japan.

    One of the tactics employed by Greenpeace is to use inflatable boats and to position themselves between the catcher boats and the whales. The Japanese have accused Greenpeace of having rammed one of their ships earlier.

    Get the crooks out of Mombasa

    A newspaper survey has revealed that Kenya is losing revenue of more than KSh 2 billion annually because of fraud and corruption at the port of Mombasa. According to The Sunday Nation newspaper in Nairobi, anti-narcotic agencies have identified the port as a conduit for the smuggling of hard drugs between Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America which is destined for Europe and North America.

    The article said the shady dealings have turned Mombasa port into a den of corruption, with the theft of containers, under-valuation of imports, false declarations, outright fraud and diversion of goods in transit into the local market.

    In an accompanying editorial the newspaper says that the majority of port transactions are above board and that the Kenya Ports Authority is playing an impressive role. However crooks who are ‘out to line their pockets at the government’s expense’ have invaded the port domain.

    It said that in the face of emerging evidence of smuggling, tax evasion, theft and extortion there is a need to vet those deployed to work at the port and to weed them out.
    Source - http://www.nationmedia.com/dailynation

    Inchcape sold to UAE company

    Inchcape Shipping Services has been sold to United Arab Emirates investment firm Istithmar for the amount of US5 million. The deal was announced last week by Electra Investment Trust Plc, the former owner of Inchcape Shipping which said the transaction should be concluded by the end of January

    Africa-Chinese trade escalates

    Chinese trade with Africa has escalated by nearly 40% in the first ten months of 2005, according to Chinese customs figures just released.

    In the first ten months of 2005 two-way trade amounted to US.17 billion of which Chinese exports to African countries totalled .25 billion, while imports, mainly raw materials, came to .92 billion.

    In 2000 two-way Sino-African trade was worth billion and by 2003 this had reached billion.

    China is investing heavily in Angolan and Sudanese oil as future main sources but is also involved with a number of major infrastructure developments in different African countries. Other raw materials that China is expected to import from Africa includes iron ore.

    Clipper Race Update

    As the two front runners ‘race’ past Christmas Island the light winds continue to play a frustrating game with all yachts. Later tomorrow or early Wednesday both Durban and Westernaustralia.com should reach the Sunda Straits separating the islands of Java and Sumatra and after that it’s a left turn on a heading straight for Singapore and the prize of who gets ‘home’ first.

    However there’s no great difference between most of the yachts; only Cardiff which unfortunately had to return to Fremantle to makes repairs is (probably) out of the running, although being at the back Cardiff appears to have a different weather pattern and is having some of the best 24-hour runs.

    Race position at 17.00 today (with distance to Singapore)

    Durban (971)
    Westernaustralia.com (988)
    New York (1062)
    Victoria (1063)
    Liverpool (1068)
    Singapore (1083)
    Qingdao (1089)
    Jersey (1109)
    Glasgow (1126)
    Cardiff (1258)
    - source http://www.clipper-ventures.co.uk

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