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Jan 5, 2006
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  • Crew arrested after stowaways thrown overboard in Durban harbour

  • New identity for Lloyd Triestino

  • Ship in Mombasa detained because of contraband sugar

  • Maputo ship detained over suspect rice

  • Antwerp reaches new heights in 2005

  • Clipper Race Update

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    Crew arrested after stowaways thrown overboard in Durban harbour

    Two stowaways drowned after being thrown overboard from the bulk cargo vessel African Kalahari (16,582-gt) while it was alongside Maydon Wharf in Durban harbour today.

    The two men, believed to be Tanzanians were among a group of seven who were discovered by the crew shortly before the ship was due to sail. It is thought they had joined the ship in Mombasa.

    Several of the seafarers, who are reported to be Ukrainians, allegedly threw the seven men overboard into the waters of Durban Bay, on the opposite side to the quay. Five of the men managed to swim to safety but two disappeared under the ship and are feared drowned. Police said the men were all weak from hunger and this may have contributed to the fatalities. This afternoon police divers were still looking for their bodies.

    The Ukrainians were due to appear in a Durban court this afternoon on charges of murder but the case was immediately postponed because no translator could be found. The men have remained in detention and the ship has been moved to a layby berth pending the outcome of the police investigation.

    Durban’s Maydon Wharf is notorious for its ease of access to pedestrians despite the ISPS-sponsored security measures installed 18 months ago. Large numbers of stowaways mainly from East Africa find their way to Durban on board ships in the mistaken belief they were heading for Europe. They usually go ashore and try to find work and most end up trying to stow away once again.

    African Kalahari is owned by Hector MTME of Athens and managed by Enterprises Shipping and is under charter to Metall und Rohstoff BV (MUR), which is a joint venture between Mittal Steel South Africa and international trading company Macsteel. Hector/Enterprises have at least 14 ships on charter to MUR, all prefixed with the name African.

    New identity for Lloyd Triestino

    It’s out with the old and in with the new as P L Maneschi, chairman of Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione SpA, announced this week that with effect from 1 March 2006 the name of the shipping company will be changed to Italia Marittima SpA and will be known by the acronym 'ITS'.

    Maneschi said the new name Italia Marittima SpA better reflects the company’s ambitions to strengthen its Italian national identity worldwide whilst recognising almost 170 years’ presence of Lloyd Triestino in the international shipping market.

    At the time the shipping company was established, on 2 August 1836, Trieste and the port were part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the original name of the company was Oesterreicher Lloyd. On 3 January 1919, shortly after World War I, the name changed to Lloyd Triestino. The company continued as before, operating passenger and cargo vessels, being a leader on its traditional routes to the Indian Sub Continent, Africa and the Far East.

    In the 1970s, when containerisation started a revolution in cargo transportation and passenger liners were replaced by airlines, Lloyd Triestino, with its new vessels, became a pioneer in the containerised shipping business.

    In 1998, following the Italian Government’s decision to privatise many state-owned companies, Lloyd Triestino was acquired by Taiwanese shipping giant, the Evergreen Group. The outcome proved extremely beneficial for the company.

    Today, with a modern fleet including some of the largest containerships plying the seas, Lloyd Triestino has considerably expanded its service network and connects almost every major port around the world, including but not limited to the traditional Mediterranean and North European routes to Asia, Africa and Australia. It has added transpacific services connecting Asia with the US West Coast, Canada and the US East Coast through the Panama Canal, transatlantic services, inter-European services and also regular connections that link the Far East with South Africa and South America’s Atlantic ports.

    Ship detained in Mombasa because of contraband sugar

    Kenya’s Revenue Authority and police have detained a ship in harbour on suspicion that its cargo of bagged sugar was being smuggled illegally into the country. Police said the sugar was not listed on the ship’s cargo manifest and they suspected that certain local businessmen were importing the sugar ostensibly to send it on to neighbouring countries, but instead to divert it to the local market

    A number of senior port officials have been suspended on suspicion of having played a role in tax evasion regarding the sugar imports and revenue officials are considering what action to bring against the cargo owners.
    - source The Nation

    Maputo ship detained over suspect rice

    According to an AIM report (Mozambique news agency) a ship in Maputo harbour has been detained because of fears that its cargo of rice is contaminated with asbestos dust. Authorities are investigating.

    The ship involved is the 13,436-gt Orbit, which is owned and managed by Orbiter Navigation whose offices are listed in St Vincent & The Grenadines. The ship flies the convenience flag of Belize.

    It is thought the reason why authorities are concerned over contamination is that the ship called at Maputo in November to load a cargo of asbestos fibre which was shipped to Iran. There are concerns that any hazardous and dangerous dust still present in the ship may be able to contaminate its food cargo.

    10,000 tonnes of rice were due to be discharged in Maputo before the ship sailed to Beira to discharge the balance of 7,500 tonnes.
    - source AIM

    Antwerp reaches new heights in 2005

    Antwerp Port News The Port of Antwerp achieved a cargo volume of nearly 160 million tonnes in 2005, a new record. The container volume continues to grow steadily

    Nearly 160 million tons of cargo was handled in the port of Antwerp during the past year, representing growth of almost 5% in the total cargo volume. Since 2000 the volume has risen from 130 to almost 160 million tonnes, an increase of 22%. Over the past ten years the amount of cargo passing through the port of Antwerp has expanded by nearly 50% and Antwerp has once more confirmed its position as the second largest port in Europe.

    The Deurganck container dock was officially opened in July. The growth in the container volume from 68 to more than 74 million tonnes, an increase of 9%, confirms the need for additional handling capacity. During the past year the port of Antwerp handled around 6.5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units), up nearly 7% on the previous year. Since 2000 the container volume (in tonnes) handled by Antwerp has risen by 68%, and in the past decade it has increased nearly three-fold.

    The overall volume of conventional/breakbulk cargo remained more or less stable. Imports of steel were up by 8%. The volume imported from Italy and Finland decreased in 2005, but growth markets such as Brazil, China and the USA more than made up for the difference. Exports of steel for their part remained stable. Antwerp has managed to consolidate its position as a steel port, with a volume of more than 10 million tonnes. On the other hand the volume of paper and wood cellulose handled in 2005 was down by 13%. However, the drop in imports was mainly due to a strike in the Finnish paper industry. After having risen in 2004 the volume of fruit declined by 4%, to just under 1.5 million tonnes.

    The ro/ro volume ended the year at around 3.6 million tonnes, a decrease of nearly 5% compared with 2004. The number of cars handled was down by 10%, to 800,000 units. On the import side, however, the volume was the same as the previous year, at 270,000 units. This was the result of two opposite developments: namely the temporary dip in imports from Japan on the one hand, together with structural growth in South Korea on the other hand. Car exports for their part were sharply down due to the closure of the Iraqi market.

    More than 26 million tonnes of dry bulk were loaded and unloaded in the port of Antwerp last year, a decrease of 3% compared with 2004. While the coal volume expanded by 30% in 2004, it contracted by 6% in 2005. The decrease was partly caused by a shift to biomass such as wood pellets and coffee waste. One of Electrabel’s power stations has been fully converted to biomass. The volume of ore also declined. On the other hand, imports of sand and gravel almost doubled as a result of construction of the Deurganck dock. Nearly 800,000 tonnes of gravel were used for terminal construction.

    The total volume of liquid bulk rose by nearly 5% in 2005, to 37 million tonnes. While exports remained stable, there was significant growth in imports, mainly as a result of the increasing amounts of oil derivatives unloaded in the port (up 11%). The volume of chemicals was also up, by 3%. In both cases the growth is due to higher production in Antwerp, together with the increasing role which the port plays as a European hub. On the other hand, the volume of crude oil was down by 5%.

    By the end of the year the number of seagoing ships calling at Antwerp was around 15,200 (down 1%). However, the total gross register tonnage was up by 4%, just as in 2004. The average gross register tonnage of the ships has also risen significantly once more, and now stands at greater than 16,000 GRT.
    - source Port Authority of Antwerp

    Clipper Race Update

    As the competitors in the Clipper Round the World Race 2005/2006 move further away from the Australian coast into deep ocean, lighter winds are now becoming the norm which calls for greater efforts and attention by everyone to extract the maximum from every puff or breeze.

    The front runners were the first to feel this difference in wind strength with the result that yachts like Durban and Westernaustralia.com could only achieve 12-hour runs of 69 and 66 miles respectively, compared with the 112 achieved by Cardiff some 450 miles to the rear. As Cardiff and other back runners advance so they too will most likely slow down.

    Durban has gone into a slender lead and is taking a more easterly direction. Liverpool made good progress and has moved up from 6th place to 3rd.

    Race position at 17.00 today (with distance to Singapore)

    Durban (1422)
    Westernaustralia.com (1428)
    Liverpool (1444)
    Victoria (1448)
    New York (1450)
    Qingdao (1459)
    Jersey (1495)
    Singapore (1501)
    Glasgow (1590)
    Cardiff (1872)
    - source http://www.clipper-ventures.co.uk

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