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Jan 13, 2006
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  • Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria following attacks

  • Egypt denies blocking French aircraft carrier

  • Grindrod and LauritzenCool pack together

  • NYK goes regional with Africa and S America trade

  • Bimco warns members about stowaways in rudder trunks

  • Clipper Race update

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    Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria following attacks

    Shell has declared force majeure after production shutdowns in the aftermath of the kidnapping of four expatriate oil workers in Nigeria. The kidnapping comes a day after the blowing up of a pipeline leading to the Forcados export terminal that carries 100,000 barrels of crude each day.

    The latest attack, in which armed men operating with motor boats seized four workers – a Briton, an American, a Bulgarian and a Honduran - from the service vessel Liberty Service attending the main EA offshore Sea Eagle platform, brought about a temporary shutdown of the field.

    Nigerian Navy gunboats and helicopters have been deployed to search for the attackers and the kidnapped men.

    This is not the first kidnapping of foreign oil workers in the area. Others have been released after ransom has been paid, but there is continuing bad feeling between local militants living in the region of the EA oilfield and Royal Shell. Despite the huge amounts of oil production from the Niger Delta the region has unemployment figures as high as 90% in some areas and a per-capita income that remains well below the national average of US0.

    Egypt denies blocking French aircraft carrier

    The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority has denied reports that it has prevented the decommissioned French aircraft carrier Clemenceau from transiting the canal on its way to the breakers in India.

    The reports claimed that Egypt was withholding permission for the ship to enter the canal on account of the high levels of asbestos and other hazardous materials allegedly remaining on the ship. Environmentalist activists who managed to board the ship while it was still some 50 miles from the coast of Egypt, issued demands that Egypt refuse passage through the canal. The Greenpeace activists claim the ship is leaking toxic materials.

    A spokesperson for the Canal authority said today there was no truth in the reports and indicated the ship would be allowed to make the crossing.

    According to French authorities most of the asbestos cladding was removed from the ship in France ahead of its final voyage to the breakers, leaving 45 tonnes which it said is important to the safety of the vessel. The activists say the French are lying and the ship still contains hundreds of tonnes of hazardous material which should be removed in France.

    Clemenceau is headed for the Shree Ram Vessel Scrap yard in Gujarat State in India.

    Grindrod and LauritzenCool pack together

    Grindrod and LauritzenCool Logistics (LCL) today announced their intention of joining forces in sea and land based perishable logistics in Southern Africa. The newly formed company LCL Grindrod Pty Ltd will operate with effect from January 2006 on condition that all regulatory requirements are met.

    LCL Grindrod will be based in Cape Town with offices in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Komatipoort and Maputo. Johan Kruger, Executive Director, LCL Southern Africa said that the company is expected to handle about 150 000 pallets of fruit to destinations mainly in Europe, North America and the Far East during 2006.

    Kruger said that LCL has spearheaded the development of integrated logistics for perishable cargo by providing customer driven supply chain management in Southern Africa and world wide. “This joint venture will create a wonderful platform to further enhance the integrated supply chain solution for customers, now including a full forwarding service.”

    LCL is a subsidiary of the NYKLauritzenCool group which is a 50/50 partnership between NYK and J. Lauritzen.

    The JSE listed shipping and logistics group, Grindrod has through its subsidiary Grindrod Perishable Cargo Agents (PCA) been one of the leading players in perishable freight forwarding by sea and air in Southern Africa, holding the number 1 position for 25 years as the largest South African airfreight forwarding agent by the International Air Transport Association or IATA.

    According to John Jones, executive director Grindrod, the merger is in line with the group’s vision of offering complete supply chain solutions. “LCL Grindrod’s overall objective is to offer a value added fully integrated one-stop solution for customers in the fresh or frozen foodstuff or other perishable cargo industry”, he said.

    Through the LCL group global network of subsidiaries, partners and sub-contractors, LCL Grindrod will have access to the most value adding and cost efficient transport solutions for any given requirement and can offer its customers all-in rates to all major markets in the world.
    - source Grindrod/LauritzenCool

    NYK goes regional HQ with Africa and S American trade

    NYK has announced its intention of transferring operational responsibility for most of the container operations for Africa, Central and South America service routes to individual regional offices based in South America. Operational management of the Latin America and Africa Group is currently based in Tokyo.

    The move is in line with economic growth in these regions, says NYK and will lead to the centralisation of the Central and South America and Africa services into a single group aimed at improving management of the division.

    The new regional headquarters controlling Africa and the East Coast South America region will be in Sao Paulo, while Santiago will control the West Coast South America and Central America areas.
    - source Schednet

    Bimco warns members about stowaways in rudder trunks

    Bimco has directed the attention of its members to stowaways who make use of ships’ rudder trunks as hiding places. The organisation based its report on advice from an international shipowners association which says stowaways are using this method because of more stringent security arising from the ISPS Code and the fact that media has ‘alerted potential stowaways to that hiding place’.

    It has been more than a few years since the first reports were received of these illegal passengers finding their way to South African ports from as far away as West Africa while hidden in the rudder trunk. This certainly precedes the imposition of ISPS. Later in 2003, after stowaways from West Africa began arriving in South America, Brazilian authorities began issuing warnings to ships to check their rudder trunks.

    In the United States stowaways hiding in rudder trunks have been discovered with frost-bitten fingers and feet, having under-estimated the change in climate during the voyage.

    The use of this place is nothing new and stowaways hardly need the media to show them places to hide.

    Clipper race update

    The fleet, having completed the shortened fifth leg is now motoring towards Singapore in four distinct groups. The leading pair, Durban and Westernaustralia.com is expected alongside on Sunday 15th at 11.00 local time (03.00 UTC). The second and largest group of New York, Victoria, Liverpool and Singapore is due at 17.00 local time (09.00 UTC) also on Sunday.

    Qingdao and Jersey are next and are expected on Tuesday morning, with Glasgow and Cardiff arriving in Singapore by the end of Tuesday.

    Race position today (with distance to finish)

    Durban (finished)
    Westernaustralia.com (finished)
    New York (finished)
    Victoria (finished)
    Liverpool (finished)
    Singapore (finished)
    Qingdao (finished)
    Jersey (finished)
    Glasgow (finished)
    Cardiff (finished)
    - source and further details of times to finish etc at http://www.clipper-ventures.co.uk

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