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Jan 11, 2006
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  • West African congestion surcharge adjusted

  • Motor sales rocket in booming South Africa

  • Who gets the hot seat in Mombasa?

  • Clipper Race – Durbs does it

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    West African congestion surcharge adjusted

    Members of the EWATA Lines consortium have reviewed the congestion situation in West African ports and have advised the southbound congestion surcharges are to be adjusted as from 21 January 2006.

    The adjusted surcharges are as follows:

    Containerised Cargo
    EUR 75/150 per 20’/40’
    GBP 70/100
    Roll on/Roll off Cargo – trucks, buses, trailers
    EUR 75 per unit
    GBP 50
    Roll on/Roll off Cargo – cars, vans
    EUR 38 per unit
    GBP 25

    Containerised Cargo
    EUR 100/200 per 20’/40’
    GBP 70/140
    Conventional Cargo
    EUR 5 per frt
    GBP 3

    Containerised Cargo
    EUR 50/100 per 20’/40’
    GBP 35/70
    Conventional Cargo
    EUR 2 per frt
    GBP 2

    Congestion surcharge at Tema, Onne, Apapa, Cotonou and Dakar remain unchanged.

    The nine EWATA members are CSAV, Delmas, Libra, Lykes, Maersk Sealand, NDS, OT Africa Line, Safmarine, TMM Lines.

    Motor sales rocket in booming South Africa

    New vehicle sales for the domestic market reached a record 617,500 units in 2005, up 28.5% on the figure of 482,000 units in 2004, and is almost double what was being sold five years ago.

    Analysts agree that an emerging black middle class market is the major factor influencing this sharp upward curve although they don’t expect the same degree of growth for 2007. However they’ve been wrong before - in 2004 they said that sales would increase only moderately during 2005!

    The sharp growth in motor vehicle sales has serious implications in terms of planning for the three ports that handle the country’s motor imports and exports. Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth can expect increased pressure on existing infrastructure and will be looking to Transnet for relief in the form of improved facilities. The Durban Car Terminal in particular is already showing signs of strain with the large numbers of vehicles being processed and plans are being considered for extending the terminal.

    Who gets the hot seat in Mombasa?

    Interest is growing in the lead-up to the appointment of the next managing director for Kenya Ports Authority (KPA). The previous incumbent, Brown Ondego appears to have strong support although businessmen from the coast, including some members of parliament from coastal constituencies say they would prefer a local person.

    Ondego’s term of office expired last month and it remains for the minister of transport Ali Mwakwere to announce either his replacement or that he will again be asked to do the job. When Ondego assumed the role as MD in 1999 the KPA was a loss-making entity and grossly inefficient. Last year the port authority made profits equivalent to nearly US million (R260 million) and efficiency levels have improved, particularly at the container terminal.

    However his term of office has not been without controversy and accusations of fraud and corruption. In January 2005 he and several of his top managers were arrested on charges of theft and being involved in a smuggling ring and Ondego was later suspended for a period while investigations took place. The charges against him were later dropped and he was reinstated at the KPA. (See our News report ‘Uncertainty over new port chief’ dated 22 January 2005) Since then he ahs overseen the arrival of new infrastructure at the port and a marked improvement in productivity.

    Clipper Race – Durbs does it

    Durban Clipper completed the fifth leg of the 2005/2006 Round the World Clipper Yacht Race in first place this morning at 09.08 GMT, almost an hour ahead of second placed Westernaustralia.com.

    This was Durban’s second and consecutive win of the race but with a strong second position westernaustralia.com remains in overall first position.

    Third place went to New York which finished at 16,59 GMT and at the time Liverpool and Victoria were racing neck and neck for the 4th and 5th positions. Then comes Singapore, followed by Qingdao, Jersey, Glasgow and Cardiff.

    The race has been shortened on account of a lack of wind and all ten yachts will now proceed, probably in two groups, to Singapore under sail or using their motors as needed, where they are expected on 16 January.

    Race position at 17.00 today (with distance to finish)

    Durban (finished)
    Westernaustralia.com (finished)
    New York (finished)
    Liverpool (9)
    Victoria (10)
    Singapore (17)
    Qingdao (47)
    Jersey (85)
    Glasgow (99)
    Cardiff (221)
    - source http://www.clipper-ventures.co.uk

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