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Dec 2, 2005
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SOUTH AFRICA – cadets join Japanese ships

The first cadets under an agreement reached between Sanko Steamship Company of Japan and Cape Town-based Marine Bulk Carriers (MBC) and Marine Crew Services (MCS) left for Japan recently to begin training for careers at sea.

The agreement with Sanko Steamship was formalised earlier this year when Sanko chairman, Takeshi Matsui visited South Africa and acquired a 10% share in MCS and a 20% share in MBC. Sanko also agreed to provide berths for 50 South African trainees on the group’s ships and the first cadet, Francoise Fouche, who comes from Springs has already joined the Sanko Breeze at a Japanese shipyard, where the new bulker is soon to be launched.

Two other cadets, MacDonald Makgwe and Floyd Bloem, which both hail from Taung in the North West Province (about as far in South Africa as it is possible to get from the sea) are the next to begin their training with Sanko and leave soon for Japan.

According to Lester Peteni, chairman of MBC and MCS, placing the cadets with the Sanko fleet is a historic occasion.

“This is what we have been waiting for. We believe it will be the start of a whole new process during which we will see South Africans increasing their presence as seafarers in the world’s shipping fleets. Apart from the physical jobs that we are creating, we are also returning revenue to the country.”

According to Deanna Collins, training officer with MCS, it is now a matter of finding the right candidates. “We’re extremely proud of Francoise Fouche and the other cadets and believe they will be the pioneers in a whole new world that is opening up for young South African seafarers.”

NAMIBIA – Namport pays dividend

Namport, the Namibian Port Authority has concluded a successful year with the payment of a N.5 million dividend to its sole shareholder, the Namibian government.

The dividend is equal to 32% and well exceeds the requirement by government for all parastatals to pay dividends of at least 5% annually. Namport Board chairman Advocate Shakespeare Masiza said that although the year had been a challenge, the company had nevertheless managed to perform well, particularly in the face of a deteriorating fishing industry on which the port was traditionally reliant.

Namport has however embarked on a policy of lessening its reliance on the fishing industry and has successfully marketed the port of Walvis Bay strongly for pure commercial uses. Plans are also well advanced to introduce greater ship repair facilities at the port – Durban company Elgin Brown & Hamer is in the process of acquiring a floating dock in Europe that will be placed in service in Walvis Bay – the dock is similar to Elgin’s floating dock Eldock in Durban, which can lift vessels up to 8,500 tonnes.

ERITREA – first large ship docks

The Eritrean port of Massawa has accepted its first large cargo ship Maersk Alaska since undergoing an extensive refurbishment and rehabilitation of port facilities.

The container vessel Maersk Alaska has a length of 239m, a beam of 30.5m and a draught of 11.8m and carries up to 1720 TEUs. Her arrival signifies the end of shipping lines having to feeder in cargo from Jeddah because Massawa could not handle large ships.

ANTARCTICA – 2005/06 relief voyage to Antarctica

South Africa’s Antarctic supply ship SA Agulhas left Cape Town for the Antarctic earlier this week. In addition there will be at least six flights from the Mother City for Antarctica to supply two permanent bases.

Please go to our SEA STORIES column on Ports & Ships for a full and interesting report by Ian Hunter of SA Weather Services.


Over the past 24 hours the log position has undergone only slight alteration, with Durban Clipper still holding the lead and increasing the gap from the second yacht, Liverpool to 37 miles. Glasgow is now in third position on this leg.

Four of the competitors are sailing a more southerly route – Durban, Jersey, Victoria and Glasgow. The other six yachts have opted for a slightly more northerly route.

Race details courtesy of Clipper Ventures Plc

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