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Dec 18, 2005
Author: P&S

With the first six yachts having arrived in Fremantle, the 7th, New York due by the time this bulletin went on the net and the remaining yachts due either today or tomorrow, the weary competitors now turn their attention to enjoying some rest and recreation courtesy of the West Australian hosts and putting in some needed maintenance and repairs to the yachts.

The position as at this morning 05.00 GMT was.

Durban (finished)
Victoria (finished)
Westernaustralia (finished)
Qingdao (finished)
Jersey (finished)
Liverpool (finished)
New York (expected)
Cardiff (expected, 145 miles to go)
Singapore (expected (202, miles to go)
Glasgow (expected, 254 miles to go)

The race re-commences on 1 January 2006 with the next leg to Singapore, 2550 miles away, where they are expected to begin arriving from 15 January 2006. After that the 6th leg starts on 27 January and takes the competitors through the South China Sea from Singapore to Qingdao in southern China, a distance of 2720 miles. Anticipated ETA at Qingdao is 13 February 2006.

Ports & Ships will pick up on the race as from 1 January 2006, when the next leg from Fremantle to Singapore begins. Readers wanting to stay in touch can in the meantime go to the following site:http://www.clipper-ventures.co.uk


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