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Oct 6, 2005
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Yacht sinks – two dead

According to reports being received a yacht, believed to be from South Africa has sunk about 300 miles northwest of the Namibian coast with the loss of two lives. The Wilhelmsen Wallenius car carrier Tristan was diverted to assist the yacht and arrived on the scene yesterday but owing to high swells of between four and five metres was unable to come alongside safely and take off the crew. Remaining overnight on station this morning brought similar sea conditions but before the crew of three could be rescued the yacht sank, taking one person down with it, a woman who was attached to the yacht by her safety cord, while a second crew member who was not wearing a life jacket drowned before he could be reached. The third crew member, a male was picked up and taken on board the car carrier. The name of the yacht and identities of those on board was not available tonight.
As a result of the rescue attempt the Tristan will be arriving at Port Elizabeth two days later than scheduled on Sunday, 9 October.

Ships agencies merge

The merger of two well-known ships agencies took place on 1 October. Barwil SA, a member of an international ships agency business merged this month with Global Portside Services, a company with links to MUR Shipping. In Durban the two companies will be moving into single offices in Bay House.
Barwil SA is part of the international Barwil group, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wilh. Wilhelmsen SAS of Oslo, Norway, with over 20 offices throughout the world in 66 countries.

Shark does double laps from SA to Australia and back in 99 days

Not our usual type of story but interesting enough, and also of note with regards the fishing industry. Marine scientists from South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism were part of a group of international scientists studying a female great white shark as it crossed the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Australia and back within 99 days. This research was possible due to a device that was temporarily attached to the female white shark communicating information to a satellite.
This research highlights the first link of two of the most important and widely separated populations of great white sharks. It also highlights the first known round trip swim of an individual shark across an ocean and the fastest return trip across an ocean of any marine organism.
During the trip from South Africa to Australia the great white shark swam approximately 11,100 kilometres of which she spent significant amounts of time deep in the ocean. This suggests that the great white sharks are more vulnerable to commercial fishing operations in the open ocean than previously thought.
The study further describes the behaviour and migration patterns of a variety of other great white sharks, including long-distance return trips along the southeastern South African coast, smaller-scale patrolling behaviour and a tendency to return to ‘home’ waters.

Nigerian port protest

Port workers yesterday held a protest against the government’s concessioning programme for the country’s ports. The protest is not so much aimed at preventing what is already a fait accompli, as several of the terminals have already been awarded to private operators, but to indicate to the federal government workers concerns over what they claim is a lack of a legal framework as well as other issues that were not settled ahead of concessioning. The maritime workers union representatives say they will bring about a closure of the ports if their pleas are not heard – government’s response was to invite a delegation of unions representatives to attend talks in Abuja.

Mombasa HQ of Search & Rescue unit

The Kenyan newspaper The Nation reports that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has indicated that Mombasa will become the headquarters of the East Africa Search & Rescue coordination centre. This centre will cover the East African region extending to Somalia in the north, the Seychelles in the east and Tanzania in the south. The centre is to be equipped with modern global search and rescue systems to provide an urgent response against any emergencies at sea. Two sub sections will be established at Dar es Salaam and Seychelles and a third in Somalia as soon as that country has returned to normality. The Search & Rescue unit is one of five being established by the IMO in Africa
The full report can be seen at www.nationmedia.com

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