How much does a litre of oil cost?

Sep 2, 2005
Author: P&S

What is the ruling price of a litre of oil these days? Readers in South Africa plus some other places may be confused after the proliferation of increases at the fuel pump recently – reports say South African motorists can expect another hike of 29 cents a litre from this coming Wednesday.

But for the owners of the Dutch heavylift vessel Project Europa, Biglift Goedkoop BV, 29 cents would seem of little consequence, especially after a Canadian court this week hit them with a bill for C,000 (R366,000) for spilling 40 litres of marine oil in Canadian waters.

That’s roughly R9,150 per litre in South African currency. Ouch…

In August 2003 a Canadian surveillance flight spotted the oil slick behind the vessel which was en route to Montreal. At the time the ship was off Cape Race in Newfoundland and was ordered into the port of Trois-Rivieres so that Canadian officials could board her. Subsequent investigations revealed that engineers on board the Project Europa were working on equipment that was supposed to separate oil from discharge water.

Environmentalists said afterwards they were unhappy with the size of the fine, which they regard as ‘a mere slap on the wrist.’



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