Further setbacks hamper Kiperousa salvage

Jun 13, 2005
Author: P&S

Faced with threatening weather conditions, salvage efforts at the site of the grounded logger Kiperousa on the Eastern Cape coast were further hampered at the weekend when the Tsavliris salvage tug Nicolay Chiker also struck a reef.

Apparently the mishap resulted in the tugís propeller snagging its housing leaving her to retire to East London for evaluation of the damage and repairs.

Meanwhile a twin engine helicopter, capable of lifting 8 tons was flown to the Eastern Cape to assist with the salvage but ran into difficulties of its own along the way. The helicopter was forced to land at Port Elizabeth and await spares before repairs could be completed and the journey continued. The aircraft has since been repaired and is now at the scene.

Salvors are hoping the expected bad weather may actually assist their efforts with the swell helping to raise the grounded ship from its rocky embrace. But they admit that if the vessel refuses to budge they may be left without further options and may have to lighten the ship by tossing logs overboard.

The Department of Environmental Affairs reports that there are small amounts of oil leaking from the ship which they say is dispersing naturally. The departmentís coastwatch aircraft Kuswag 8 is monitoring the situation and a coastwatch oil dispersant vessel is on standby.


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